Joe Budden Says Molly Nearly Delivered Knockout Blow: “I Couldn’t Get Up & Walk Sometimes”

Joe Budden Says Molly Nearly Delivered Knockout Blow: “I Couldn’t Get Up & Walk Sometimes”

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden recently stepped forward to speak out against the popular trend of popping ecstasy, notably Molly, and revealed what type of damage it had on his body.

According to Joey, one of the worst effects is the impact it has on thinking ability.

“I didn’t see a problem with the fact that maybe five days would go by without sleeping. I didn’t see a problem with the fact that maybe I was hallucinating at times. I didn’t see a problem with the fact that I just couldn’t get up and walk sometimes. It just altered your thinking process dramatically, and for a thinker like myself, that was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.” (Fox 5)

The New Jersey native also explained what motivated him to publicly speak out on the harmful drug.

“Now everyone is speaking about Molly like it’s the thing to do. I thought it was important for somebody, anybody, to stand up and say, ‘you know, I did that, it’s corny.’ I’m just hoping that at the end of the day, it won’t be me versus the entire music industry when it comes to who a 13-year-old should listen to regarding drugs.” (Fox 5)

Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar recently hit up SOHH and lashed out at the popularity of Molly in hip-hop music.

“Let’s talk about that f*cking Molly. I thought that was my word. I thought that was just another word for weed at first, like, Bob Marley. I thought they were saying ‘Bob Marley’ at first and then someone told me, ‘Nah, ‘Molly,’ that’s the XTC.’ Let me tell you, I’ve never seen it in my life, I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to be around it. I don’t mess with that, but again, it’s a calculated thing there every record you hear, ‘Molly. Molly. She’s on the Molly. Popping the Molly. Molly! Molly!’ I can’t go a day without hearing about Molly. They’re even playing it on the radio. These people have invested interest in us just f*cking with Molly. Why? Where did it come from and why is hip-hop the vehicle for promoting it? Are they talking about Molly in all other genres of music? No. So what is this Molly sh*t? I want to know. [laughs] I want to know, I want to know what it’s all about. Why are these n*ggas promoting it? Do they have a stake in that sh*t?” (SOHH)

A few weeks ago, actress Meagan Good hopped onto Twitter to point out the negative effects of popping a Molly.

Molly, the pure powder or crystal form of MDMA that is known for causing an euphoric effect, has been made popular in rap songs like Kanye West‘s “Mercy” and Trinidad James‘ “All Gold Everything.” However, 31-year-old Good is not happy with the rise of the drug’s popularity. “Popped da Molly, I got permanent psychosis, irreversible sexual dysfunction and brain bleeding WHOO,” Good tweeted Thursday, changing the lyrics to James’ song that has seemingly increased the drug’s popularity. (Christian Post)

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