Joe Budden & Saigon Heart Each Other On Radio, “Son Can Really Spit” [Audio]

Joe Budden & Saigon Heart Each Other On Radio, “Son Can Really Spit” [Audio]

After engaging in a recent lyrical rap beef, Saigon and Joe Budden spoke publicly for the first time about their differences and possibly working together in the studio.

Speaking with radio personality Angela Yee, Budden phoned into her talk show with Sai to speak on the rap duo’s current stance and reflection on their battle.

“Joe Budden is always a fan of dope diss records,” Joey explained. “That’s one thing I always felt that was one thing people could appreciate about me and Sai beefin’ aside from the fans divided…the records are always great.”

“I wouldn’t be against [making a record together], tell you the truth that made me go listen to a lot of Joe’s stuff I never heard,” Sai admitted. “I went back and listened and I was impressed. Son can really spit, for real…My family members were countin’ me out.” (Angela Yee Shade 45)

Joe recently congratulated Sai for joining Amalgam Digital, the digital record distributor responsible for releasing Budden’s Padded Room.

“I don’t feel anything,” Joey explained in a video. “I don’t know if he signed there for the same exact reasons that I signed there. It was a great business move on their behalf because if Joe Budden is leaving Amalgam, and they have Peedi Crakk, I’m not sure when his album’s coming out, and you got Max B whose tied up in some type of litigation. The same way Joe Budden is gonna come right back and put an album out to build off of Padded Room hype, Amalgam would need to come right back with a project whether it be a Joe Budden project or whatever project it’ll be. So, they needed to sign someone. I texted Saigon today and told him congratulations. I told him good move.” (Cop Shop Hip Hop)

The “Yard Father’s” first project with the company is his collaboration disc with Statik Selektah called All In A Days’ Worth, which was released today (March 17).

“Working with Saigon in those twenty four hours and getting songs done so fast showed why he should be held as one of the greatest to ever do it,” Statik said in a statement about the project. “I teamed up with producer Statik Selektah and Amalgam Digital,” Saigon added via a statement, “and we came together to present the world with the best album of the year 2009, aside from my debut of course, The Greatest Story Never Told which will soon follow.” (Press Release)

Sai announced his business venture with Amalgam last week.

“Did I sign a traditional recording deal with Amalgam Digital as an artist,” he wrote. “The answer is NO… What I AM doing with Amalgam Digital is entering a unique, never been done before business venture where they help market promote and distribute some of my many projects…First of all, Amalgam Digital is NOT a record company but a New Media outfit…They seen my creative vision, believe in my vision and we entered into a non-exclusive partnership that will bring it all to life….I am nobody’s artist.” (Saigon’s MySpace)

Listen to Saigon and Joe Budden speak on the radio below:

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