Joe Budden Pops The Big Question, “[He] Asked Me To Marry Him!!!

Joe Budden Pops The Big Question, “[He] Asked Me To Marry Him!!!

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden is reportedly ready to give up the bachelor life, as his former longtime girlfriend Tahiry Jose now claims he has asked for her hand in marriage.

Breaking the news publicly, Tahiry said Budden came to her front door with the big question.

“@joebudden just popping up on my front door and asked me to marry him!!!!! WtH is going on?!?!,” she tweeted September 14th.

“Where r u the f*cking cameras. What is this n*gga up to???”

“I’m so confused!!! Rt now”

“What just happened?!?!” (Tahiry Jose’s Twitter)

Gossip site Media Take Out claimed although Tahiry did not give an answer, Budden spent the night at her residence.

Looks like rapper Joe Budden is ENGAGED. Last night he rolled up to ex-gf/video vixen Tahiry’s house . . . and he PROPOSED TO HER. She didn’t say YES . . . but she allowed him into the house – where he spent the night. So that’s pretty much a YES!! CONGRATS GUYS!!! (Media Take Out)

Following the reports, Tahiry cleared the air and said Budden did not spend the night.

“Sorry @mediatakeout but the info u guys posted is all wrong!!!!!,” she tweeted September 15th.

“Let me Rephrase it @mediatakeout … You guys have the first part of the story rt… The second part was all wrong #justfortherecord” (Tahiry Jose’s Twitter)

After splitting following a five-year relationship, Budden spoke on parting ways with Tahiry in early 2010.

“I don’t have a tattoo of any females name on me, any females picture on me,” Budden said in an interview. “No [I didn’t hit her.] She got mushed, I mushed the sh*t out of her f*cking a**. And I think she was asking to get mushed. No [she didn’t hit me first], because she was dead caught cheating and I was fresh off tour and I was like, ‘What’s up?’ You’re caught, you’re busted. Evidence? You wanna hear some good sh*t? I really am uncomfortable talking about this sh*t, because I don’t like talking about her, period…she was wildin’ and I’m big on body language — I came home and she was wildin’, she drinks. She drinks every night — she was drunk, she was wildin’, we got in a big argument, I found out she was cheating after she went to sleep — I did go to check her phone…That led to something else to something else — where the evidence was laying on the bed next to her, clear as day. You are cheating, you are busted, it is over…” (Sirius Satellite Radio)

Check out some past Tahiry footage below:

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