Joe Budden On Young Money’s Alleged Groupie, “She [Should] Let Her Manager Do A Few Blogs”

Joe Budden On Young Money’s Alleged Groupie, “She [Should] Let Her Manager Do A Few Blogs”

Slaughterhouse‘s Joe Budden has shared his reaction to recent controversial statements made by an alleged Young Money groupie named Kat Stacks.

Writing via Twitter, Joey offered up his own suggestion to the web mistress.

“i think if Katstacks REALLY wanted the net 2 go crazy, she’d let her manager do a few blogs.. i’d love 2 hear his “master plan” 4 her.. lol,” he wrote Tuesday (March 30). ” Never, momma raised me better RT @GodSon83 I heard she got some dirt on u too…” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Last weekend, Stacks took the Internet by storm after calling out numerous Young Money artists and rapper Nelly.

Young Money’s favorite love toy (shivers), Kat Stacks, has gone digital! Basically repeating the same “revelations”that she has already through her award-winning blog and already Verified Twitter account, Ms. (or Mr. – – something about her facial structure and chest ain’t right) Kat wanted to make sure we understood that she wasn’t messing around with a minor, that Young Money is still broke, and Nelly was acting like a shady queen in Miami. And people thought the year 2009 was the end of the groupie. (Crunktastical)

She has also been using her own Blogger site to speak with fans.

“Ever sense my blog aired other girls are encouraged of exposing their stories with Celebrities, this one includes Lil Wayne president of Young Money aka (Roomates) calling Escorts to satisfy his sexual needs and having 3 somes.” (Kat Stacks’ Blog)

In addition to videos and blogs, Stacks is speaking with her fans via Twitter.

” Mediatakeout just posted saying yall made me a star but yall posted my jail mug shot twice trying to embarrasses me & then called me a lier RT @ShayUKBombshell: @KatStacks mediatakeout lame! If you cared bout your jail picture YOU WOULDNT HAVE POSTED IT UP YOURSELF! up their … RT @Kidd_Ego: #ThumbsUp to @KatStacks for putting the industry on blast. I have found my new source of entertainment when I C these neg …” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

Check out Kat Stacks speaking on Young Money below:

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