Joe Budden Maps Out “Great Escape” W/ Amalgam Digital, Rapper Finds “Salvation & Freedom”

Joe Budden Maps Out “Great Escape” W/ Amalgam Digital, Rapper Finds “Salvation & Freedom”

Joe Budden has announced plans to release his third solo album called The Great Escape and will re-up with Amalgam Digital instead of a major record label.

The project will reportedly continue where Joey’s Padded Room concept left off.

Following the critical and commercial acclaim of the Padded Room, Joe Budden is back to release The Great Escape. The album is a completion to the concept trilogy, which includes Halfway House and Padded Room, in which Budden finally finds salvation and freedom from a sense of confinement that had been pervading his life and career. The Great Escape is set to be one of the rapper’s best efforts yet, with features from several established producers and artists, marking a change from Joe Budden’s usual formula. (Press Release)

In preparation for the project, Budden will also drop a prelude project next month.

Amalgam Digital and Joe Budden will make waves this summer by releasing the digital-only album, Escape Route, as a prelude to The Great Escape. This digital-only prelude will give fans a taste of what to expect from Budden’s third studio effort, and it will be released July 2009 exclusively on (Hip Hop Press)

The rapper’s Amalgam debut got off to a slow start sales-wise earlier this year.

Rapper Joe Budden’s long anticipated sophomore album Padded Room arrived on the charts this week at No. 42. After seven days in stores, Budden’s second disc sold 13,900 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Aside from his project, Budden recently addressed statements made against him by Busta Rhymes, Redman and Method Man regarding his “Best Rapper Alive” rant.

“Everybody took offense,” Joe said in an interview. “If a n*gga get offended at me for having an opinion, suck a d*ck…I have faith in my pen game and that’s how it should be. If you’re a rapper, I can’t see how you couldn’t have the same attitude…I enjoy being the bad guy in case people haven’t noticed. I could give a f*ck. I could give less than a f*ck because I enjoy it. I don’t care that n*ggas is mad, I don’t care that n*ggas is in an uproar…I’m attacking you? There’s nobody else that’s popping? I could go diss Kanye West like all these other rap n*ggas be trying to do, I could go diss Jim Jones. I could diss Rick Ross, n*ggas that are active and very very relevant today…Once you go on the air and say he should be smacked for that, by who, exactly? I have a response to him, but my response gets under people’s skin. When I talk, it bothers people.” (Miss Info)

The Great Escape is currently scheduled to hit shelves Tuesday, October 13th.

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