Joe Budden Keeps The Film Rolling, “Whenever These N*ggas Stop Acting Scared, I’ll [Turn] The Camera On”

Joe Budden Keeps The Film Rolling, “Whenever These N*ggas Stop Acting Scared, I’ll [Turn] The Camera On”

As we stand just days before entering a new year, SOHH recently spoke with Joe Budden to find out if his infamous Joe Budden TV webcam series would make its way into 2011.

While the days of showing off ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose and playing basketball with his Slaugterhouse groupmates may be over, Joe said his camera broadcasts are still on-deck.

JoeBuddenTV is always around,” Joe promised SOHH. “I tell people all the time that the problem with JoeBuddenTV is, and my friends, my family and people in general seem to know this, is that at first it was just ‘Oh there’s Joe Budden on a camera. Oh my God, hundreds of thousands of people are going to see this, so, I’m not talking on-air, don’t put the camera on me.’ I didn’t want it to be contrived at all. If it wasn’t going to be 100 percent non-fiction, then I just wouldn’t do it. But it’s around so whenever these n*ggas stop acting funny and acting scared of the camera, I’ll [turn] the camera on.” (SOHH)

In October 2009, Budden used his broadcast to speak on the aftermath of end of his relationship with Jose.

“My life is pretty routine and predictable,” Budden said during a blog broadcast. “i don’t need much, I’m not controlling, I’m not jealous, I’m not insecure, I’m not any of the things that Tahiry would say that I am. I’m [as] cool as a fan — the really sad part about my entire five-year relationship that I am just now getting out of, you can call it arrogant, you can call it cocky, you can call it whatever the f*ck you want to call it, I was ready to marry my significant other. Let me just say that. Thank the f*cking Lord above that that did not happen…It would have been a whole lot worse if I had married Tahiry. I went from being ready to settle down — and now that I am outside of that relationship, it’s easy to see that I spent five years settling.” (JoeBuddenTV)

Last year, the rapper’s webseries created tension after calling out a rap legend on camera.

Melle Mel, pioneer, can he rap,” Budden questioned. “When y’all are doing this list, can Grand Master Melle Mel rap? Have you heard him recently?” (Joe Budden TV)

Melle Mel later responded to Joe Budden TV and criticized the rapper’s rant.

“I was the first rapper to win a Grammy,” Mel said in a video clip. “I wasn’t surprised to see myself so high on the list in Vibe because anybody that knows about hip-hop they’ve known for years before it became it became the record business, and even [when] it became the record business, I was a staple…My only surprise is that I’m not No. 1. I don’t really consider Joe Budden young and I don’t think he knows, but I just think he thinks that Melle Mel would be a softer target. I don’t think he wants to question the fact that Eminem is No. 1…I got a [body] chart, let’s just say if it’s from 1 to 30, let’s say Melle Mel would be the throat part or the mouth part of hip-hop. Joe Budden is down here at No. 32, that’s somewhere around the a** crack or ball sack of hip-hop…You take Melle Mel out the equation, nobody would be the same. All these cats that say they selling dope would really have to sell dope.” (T7 Live)

Check out Fabolous being featured on “JoeBuddenTV” below:

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