Joe Budden Eases Up, “This ‘MM4′ Sh*t Is A Much Lighter Mood Than 2 & 3″

Joe Budden Eases Up, “This ‘MM4′ Sh*t Is A Much Lighter Mood Than 2 & 3″

Joe Budden has shared a few more details surrounding his upcoming Mood Muzik 4 mixtape and said fans can anticipate hearing some of his best work to date.

Writing via Twitter, Budden hinted at what will separate his fourth release in the series from the rest.

“@toybox i think the best 3 songs on MM4 will be better than the best 3 songs on any other Budden project excluding my debut.,” Budden tweeted yesterday (September 8).

“This #MM4 sh*t is a much lighter mood than 2 & 3, very refreshing ….. i’m totally blaming @esther_baxter , lmao”

“u tell her @esther_baxter RT @poppinrose @JoeBudden nah mouse we need that dark depressing sh*t tell esther fall back till mm4 is finshed!” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

The rapper will be releasing specially marked packages of his underground album on October 26th.

Pre-order your limited edition AUTOGRAPHED copy of Joe Budden’s highly anticipated “MOOD MUZIK 4 A TURN 4 THE WORST” the latest installment of Joe’s hit mixtape series MOOD MUZIK. This is an extremely limited pressing and AUTOGRAPHED copies will only be available through Joe’s store. Fans who order the AUTOGRAPHED album through Joe’s store will be put on a limited TEAMVERIFIED list and have the opportunity to attend exclusive TEAMVERIFIED concerts and events. (Gracie Productions)

In 2008, Budden told SOHH he had planned on replacing the series’ deejay, DJ On Point.

“Me and him have agreed to disagree on certain things,” he revealed. “We’re in the early stages, like [choosing a DJ] is one of the furthest things from my mind. We still in to the recording process. I’ve already started it and then I kinda just stopped to do some other things like I finished Padded Room.” (SOHH)

Budden began his popular mixtape run roughly six years ago.

The first Mood Muzik, Mood Muzik: The Worst Of Joe Budden, hit in 2004. The second, Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?, largely regarded as the best in the series, came out in 2006. Mood Muzik 3: The Album hit stores in February of 2008 after being released in 2007 as a mixtape titled Mood Muzik 3: For Better or for Worse. (All Hip Hop)

Mood Muzik 4 is scheduled to drop Tuesday, October 26th.

Check out some recent Joe Budden footage down below:

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