Joe Budden Cranks Soulja Boy’s 13K “Flop” Views, “Clearly, He’s Not Making $$$ From Album Sales” [Video]

Joe Budden Cranks Soulja Boy’s 13K “Flop” Views, “Clearly, He’s Not Making $$$ From Album Sales” [Video]

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden has weighed in on the negative perception of Soulja Boy Tell Em‘s new The DeAndre Way solo album’s 13,000 first-week sales, and how it has affected his career.

According to Joey, the rapper’s ability to generate profits in other outlets has helped him remain a young millionaire.

“When he has done so much more than that,” Budden asked in an open debate regarding Soulja Boy’s 13,400 first-week sales. “Soulja Boy is getting his money from other areas — A recession has something to do with it because every one of these n*ggas drop 70 percent the very next week. I don’t think [sales] are any reflection of the music at all. Sales have absolutely nothing to do with music. He’s 20-years-old on the Forbes list. What are you talking about right now? Clearly he’s not making his money [from album sales]. He’s getting his money from elsewhere. But it all starts from the music. I’m lost as to why we’re standing around saying, ‘D*mn, Soulja Boy sold 13,000 copies.’ Soulja Boy is standing somewhere saying, ‘Word.’ There’s nothing to say when you’re counting money. Soulja Boy’s not mad. His label’s not mad. Nobody that has anything to do with Soulja Boy is mad. Trust me. Trust me, nobody involved with Soulja Boy, in his camp, is mad. Nobody. Soulja Boy is a 20 year-old millionaire. Let’s really start putting things into perspective here. I can’t imagine what that’s like.” (JumpOff TV)

The album’s “Speakers Going Hammer” producer Boi-1da recently reflected on the rapper’s first-week sales.

“I don’t think they pushed that project out properly,” Boi said about the album’s 13,000 first-week sales. “Personally, I couldn’t even find the album in stores. [Albums released by] Rihanna and Justin Bieber was all in front of the store, and they had Soulja’s all the way in the back somewhere. The average fan is not going to go dig in the back of the store for it. It should have been in the front with the rest of the new releases. I don’t think his numbers have anything to do with him falling off or anything like that, but it just wasn’t placed properly. All the people that I know that were on the album too, said the same thing.” (VIBE)

Following Soulja Boy’s album release, Game hit up Twitter to share his shocked reaction to the album’s sales.

“I f#cks wit my fans & they f#cks wit ME. it’s funny how n!ggaz be havin like 8,342,017 followers but can’t sell 15,000 albums.,”Game tweeted Thursday (December 16) night.

“That’s like a n!gga they can’t bench press his own weight. I guarantee I will match my followers in UNITS sold when RED drop. #thinkRED”

“Can somebody tell me if it’s a FACT that my n!gga @souljaboy only did 13,000 units ??? I don’t believe that for one second LIARS”

“she betta #thinkRED ! RED album gone be #1 on soundscan 1st week just like da last 3 albums. I aint put out a album that wasn’t #1 1st week” (Game’s Twitter)

Prior to the LP dropping last month, Soulja Boy said the album would reach platinum status upon its release.

“Right now I’m in the studio making The DeAndre Way,” Soulja Boy explained in a 2009 interview. “And mark my words, this album will be a classic. A lot of people been sleeping on Soulja Boy for a long time, when I first came out with ‘Crank Dat’ it was so big, gimmicky and catchy it went five times platinum and a lot of people were stuck on it for a long time. They said I was garbage, they said I was a one-hit wonder. Now I came out with ‘Kiss Me Through The Phone,’ my second No. 1 single and I released ‘Turn My Swag On,’ my third No. 1 single and now I’m going into my third album. I got everybody’s ears open right now…Mark my words, this album will go platinum…I’m reaching out to hip-hop’s greatest…I wanna reach out to that top status. Your Jay-Z’s, your Kanye’s and your Lil Wayne’s.” (MTV)

Check out Joe Budden’s interview below:

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