Joe Budden Continues Rap War W/ Saigon, Calls “Checkmate” On New Record

Joe Budden Continues Rap War W/ Saigon, Calls “Checkmate” On New Record

Continuing their war of words, Joe Budden has released “Pain in his Life” and says Saigon has no moves left in the rap battle

After Saigon released his diss record “Underachiever,” Budden dropped a new diss track.

“I hope this n*gga can fight better than he can diss — n*gga fell for the mouse trap,” Joey said in the intro. “‘Underachiever’ was an underachiever/Almost thought you would come with the ether — can’t think of why a wack n*gga would want it with me for/I’ll leave my mark on ya like it’s one of your features/Ask how it feel to have Maino face/I’m way ahead, this ain’t no race.”

“There’s where the lies get deeper / You went in a tight end came out a wide receiver / There’s bones in your closet you can’t hide / Fans know you went to jail, me, I know why…For me to take you serious holmes / Get Mook, Loaded Luck and Serious Jones / To help write your shit, make your brand new / If not look for the Nation to abandon you.”

Coco Channel ain’t the only n*gga that’ll put pain in his life/that way, get your head straight/cut the track off/listen to your thoughts/checkmate.”

Budden recently welcomed a rap challenge from Saigon.

“I wanna hear if he can rap — I don’t believe nothing that come outta dude’s mouth. Dude is a phony, a fraud,” he said. “This is good hip-hop sh*t. (Shade 45)

The Yard Father then responded with “Underachiever.”

“I’m fittin’ to end his career/Oh yeah, you had a point there/My album didn’t drop/ But your album dropped and flopped, so suck a c**k/How the hell did I end up beefin’ with one hit wonder/I tried to bait Fif, attempted to bait Wayne/Now look, I end up tradin’ shots with a straight lame/The Game called you a fag, said n*gga’s ding-a-linged you/And in return you went and put this kid on your single.” (World Star Hip Hop)

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