Joe Budden & Chris Brown Clash, “Pump Pump Pump It Up!”

Joe Budden & Chris Brown Clash, “Pump Pump Pump It Up!”

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden and R&B singer Chris Brown got into a brief melee Monday (May 9) night after the New Jersey rapper allegedly made a subliminal comment toward him.

The brief dispute stemmed from a Michael Jackson reference Budden made.

“if i cared about being in any1’s good graces, i’d be working on my Michael Jackson tribute as we speak …..,” Budden tweeted. (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Brown took the tweet personally and mocked Budden’s 2003 hit, “Pump It Up.”

“So I’m guessing this person thinks he’s mature by making references to me becuz of his mistakes! #pumppumppumpitup,” he tweeted. (Chris Brown’s Twitter)

Budden responded to Brown’s remark by denying any perceived taunting action.

“@chrisbrown i’m a fan my n*gga … & my sarcasm was more so geared towards ignorant fans, my bad if i offended u.,” Budden tweeted. (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Last summer, Brown performed a Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards.

“A lot of people don’t know, I was going to see Michael Jackson the day he died,” said Brown, who has long talked about his admiration for the late King of Pop. “I was on my way to the Staples Center to see him [the day he died] … When I heard ‘Man in the Mirror,’ the words started speaking to me in my personal life. It just touched me. It wasn’t fake. I know people were trying to put extras on it, but everything was genuine. That was my ultimate apology, hands down.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Joe Budden footage below:

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