Joe Budden Admits Turning Down “Love & Hip Hop”

Joe Budden Admits Turning Down “Love & Hip Hop”

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden is known for his on-screen antics, however, the New Jersey native recently admitted he turned down an opportunity to appear on VH1’s popular “Love & Hip Hop” reality television series.

According to Joey, he got presented an opportunity to join “Love & Hip Hop” for its initial run.

In an interview with Jenny Boom Boom from Hot 93.7/Hartford Budden confirmed he will be appearing on the new season of Love and Hip-Hop New York this winter. Before his announcement, there have been persistent rumors that he would turn up on a show like Love & Hip-Hop New York, and in fact he was asked back during season one. “They called me for season one,” he recalled. “I turned that opportunity down.” But love can change anyone’s tune, and recent rumors that his ex Tahiry will be joining the Love cast for the new season make all the difference for Budden. “If Tahiry is on there, I’d expect to get a call,” he stated. “Tahiry is somebody I love, so I would do that.” (CBS Local)

Rumors of Budden and ex-girlfriend Tahiry getting involved hit the Internet a few months ago.

While “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” has been pulling in huge ratings, thanks to Stevie J‘s pimpish ways, the original “Love & Hip Hop” in NYC has been losing cast members daily. Jim Jones and his girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin have both called it quits for the greener pastures of their own show, and Fabolous‘ girlfriend Emily B has also announced that she is leaving the show. Well, now we hear that there may be two very interesting additions to the show that are sure to make for some explosive TV. Slaughterhouse rapper and loose cannon Joe Budden is rumored to be joining “Love & Hip Hop”, along with his ex-girlfriend, video model Tahiry. Joe Budden also has a connection with cast member Somaya Reece, who was his rebound chick after he and Tahiry broke up. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Recenty, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Lil Scrappy hit up SOHH and gave his take on why some hip-hop artists sway away from reality television.

“You’ve got more haters, that’s all,” Scrappy told SOHH when asked about the post-effects of stealing the spotlight in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” “That’s all, that’s all I’ve seen. You’ve got more haters, you’ve got more fans and what I try to do is not get it mixed up between fans and followers. My fans are the ones that have been down with me even before ‘Love & Hip Hop’ and then you have the followers that are going to follow whatever is hot at the time. Then you gain new fans, so, it’s just a lot of these new people around that ain’t been around. Then you have a lot of new money that wasn’t getting made that’s getting made now.” (SOHH)

Back in 2011, “Love & Hip Hop’s” Jim Jones revealed how the VH1 show came together.

“‘Love & Hip-Hop’ was initially my TV show that [VH1] has been trying to do for about four years now. But for three years prior, they had been trying to get me to do this reality show and they shot a pilot. I wasn’t really feeling the pilot, because I felt the camera was too much on me and showing too much of my life as far as Jim Jones is concerned. So we had re-evaluated the situation.” (SOHH)

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