Jimmy Iovine Confirms Dr. Dre/Jay-Z “Under Pressure” Collabo, “It’s A Brand New Single” [Video]

Jimmy Iovine Confirms Dr. Dre/Jay-Z “Under Pressure” Collabo, “It’s A Brand New Single” [Video]

Interscope Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine has confirmed reports of a Dr. Dre and Jay-Z collaboration called “Under Pressure.”

Speaking from Boston, Massachusetts’ Fenway Park stadium yesterday, Iovine was asked what entrance music he would choose for a Red Sox player.

“The new song Dre has in his pocket,” Iovine said when asked to choose a Red Sox player’s home plate song. “It’s called ‘Under Pressure,’ it’s a brand new single by Dr. Dre and Jay-Z. That’s the song I would use.” (NESN)

Speculation on the song developed after an image of Dre and Jay spread on the Internet.

There has been all kinds of chatter about Jay-Z and Dr. Dre collaborating for Dre’s long-awaited album The Detox. Well here’s a photo of them back in February in the studio in Miami. Believe or not, a new track featuring the two superstar rappers is rumored to leak any day now. We’ll keep you posted… (Gossip On This)

There was also gossip that spread from credible sources on Twitter.

E! News‘ correspondent Michael Yo tweeted about the alleged single writing, “Look for it this week new Jay Z and Dr Dre!!! Everyone buzzing about it at Interscope Records.” Nothing is confirmed just yet, guess we’ll all have to wait and see. (Bloginity)

Last October, Dre said he wanted Jay to work on his upcoming Detox album.

“Well, actually, Jay-Z’s just been in the studio doing some writing,” Dre told MTV News while promoting his new Beats by Dr. Dre/ HP notebook collaboration. “Hopefully I’ll get him to perform on the record. Jay, come holler!” (MTV)

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