Jim Jonsin Retracts Charles Hamilton “Gauchos” Remarks, “Let’s Fix That Right Now”

Jim Jonsin Retracts Charles Hamilton “Gauchos” Remarks, “Let’s Fix That Right Now”

Producer Jim Jonsin has retracted recent comments he made suggesting he was upset about rapper Charles Hamilton‘s direction on their recent single, “Gauchos.”

According to Jonsin, his words were taken out of their original context.

“Let’s fix that right now,” Jonsin told The BoomBox about his ‘Gauchos’ comments. “Somebody put in that [article] that I was unhappy with him having the record and that I wished that it would’ve gone to somebody else. I said that I made the track originally thinking of T.I. or Jeezy…Also, working with Charles was a pleasure. I liked working with him. They asked me some loaded questions — how I felt about him as a person and I said I thought he was great. He’s a great writer, he’s got some good ideas. They asked me some questions about him going to [the mental institution] and if he was strange. Yeah, all of us are strange. All of us are weird in our own little corky ways in the music business. So there it is. I just didn’t like that that came out. You don’t twist my words like that.” (The Boom Box)

Jonsin initially said he felt the track was better suited for T.I. and Young Jeezy.

“I’ll be honest–I wasn’t really into that song at all. I told him and his manager that. There was another song for him that would’ve been much better, but he wanted that one. I love that beat, but I wouldn’t put B.o.B on that record either. I find Charles Hamilton to be a little strange; he has his own vibe. He’s all over the place, but he’s a really good writer and is easy to get along with. I was going to play the actual track for T.I. or Jeezy. Nothing against what Charles did, but I wish that track went to someone else.” (VIBE)

The track hit music blogs across the Internet last May.

We all know that Charles Hamilton has a left field artistic sense – after all, he rocked his All Pink Everything campaign for a good year – and sure enough the hedgehog everyone loves to hate continues to push boundaries on his new single Gauchos. On the beat side of the equation producer Jim Jonson drops a pretty decent beat that by my second listen I was ready to call a banger. As for Charles, where do I start? In the intro Hamilton claims that since he just came from Atlanta he’s hooking up Harlem with some ATL snap music, but as an ATL resident I can assure you no Atlanta music sounds anything like this. And while Charles’ flow is nice throughout the song, the lyrics can get repetitive and tedious. By shouting out Harlem almost every other word, it’s hard for me to believe that this song will get spins in any other city besides NY. Charles has done better in the past, but maybe his untitled and unscheduled new album will prove to be better. For now, we can only listen and wait. (DJ Booth)

Recently, Hamilton shocked fans after revealing he was confined to a wheelchair.

“The reason I’m in a wheel chair is because I have sharp pains since I was in the hospital and a lil bit before,” he said. “I have sharp pains when I’m walking and literally I want to collapse but I can’t I have to continue to walk. So my right leg has been acting kinda funny. I still have a lil’ mobility, I can still stand up in the booth…but I’d rather the mobility of my legs be jeopardized than my musicality be jeopardized at any given point of time.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Charles Hamilton’s “Gauchos” below:

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