Jim Jones Wins Converse Band Of Ballers B-Ball Tournament, “We Own This Right Now” [Video]

Jim Jones Wins Converse Band Of Ballers B-Ball Tournament, “We Own This Right Now” [Video]

Dipset‘s Jim Jones and his Jones Family basketball team were victorious in this weekend’s Converse Band of Ballers tournament in Atlanta.

Jones and his crew of ballers defeated multiple teams beginning on Saturday.

Looks like Jim Jones was able to back up all the trash he talked leading up to the Converse Band Of Ballers. At yesterday’s event in Atlanta, The Jones Family got down for their crown, defeating hometown favorite Southern Hospitality (Shawty Lo, Pill, OJ‘s squad) in the final showdown. Besides the basic shenanigans & bloopers, the biggest surprise had to be Cam’ron showing up, running the court for the uptown team & making the whole Dips reunion idea official. After reconciling on radio a few weeks ago, it looks one of Hip-Hop’s favorite movements is gaining momentum and headed in the right direction. (Smoking Section)

Following the victory, Jones gave a speech highlighting the experience.

“I just wanna say Bankhead, I hope I’m still allowed in the projects and sh*t like that. Don’t do that to me, I love all of y’all. Eh Shawty Lo! Bankhead baby, you know I love ya! I just wanna congratulate everyone here in Atlanta, for this victory — we own this right now, until we take a loss, we’ll holla at you! You know my name’s Back It Up, I pop sh*t because I back it up. Harlem, get money! Go!” (Smoking Section TV)

The tournament consisted of regional basketball teams.

ATL’s favorite flower punk act The Black Lips will be throwing down for Converse’s “Band of Ballers” basketball tournament in Atlanta on Sat., May 1. Other teams lined up to go full-court include Jim Jones, Jay Electronica, Sean Price and such local musicians as Shawty Lo, Pill, Of Montreal, OJ Da Juiceman, Donnis and Jermaine Dupri. (Atlanta Music News)

Taking a break from the tournament, Jones spoke with SOHH to briefly discuss the Dipset movement in 2010.

“Nah, I love [Diplomatic Immunity questions]. Ask me some more. We comin’ to kill. You heard me? I don’t know what been going on in the rap game but I know what’s about to go on in the rap game. Shouts to Killa, shouts to Juelz, shouts to Freekey Zeekey. Dipset ‘fo life. Holla at us. Yes [a deal] is [on the table]. Where the money at? Nah, its never about money ’cause we got money but we want more money so who got the money? Who got the mottz?” (SOHH)

Check out Jim Jones’ victory speech below:

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