Jim Jones Talks Major Label Pay-Offs, “Columbia Paid Me All That F**king Money”

Jim Jones Talks Major Label Pay-Offs, “Columbia Paid Me All That F**king Money”

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones recently spoke on the advantages of moving from Koch to Colombia Records, influencing Cam’ron‘s marketing strategies and staring down retirement talk.

Having signed to the major record label nearly two years ago, the rapper talked about the differences in promotion between majors and indies.

“Columbia paid me all that f*cking money [laughs],” he explained in an interview. “Them big a** machines, all they want is the biggest and richest artists. They got that power. I couldn’t wait to get in there and abuse that machine and go crazy with it. That’s a reflection of what you see. Shout out to Koch because without them I wouldn’t be here but the step to Columbia was just for these reasons, so people could say that. They got that marketing strategy and spending more of that marketing money so I appreciate that people are noticing that…My album’s coming out and then all of a sudden [Cam] pops up with an album. It’s all marketing, baby. There’s no rules to this. We both cut from the same cloth…Ultimately, my goal is just to get out the hood, and by the hood I mean the industry, period. If I could get into acting and make some more money I would love to but I wanna just sit down and cool, but I’m hustling right now.” (XXL Mag)

Jones’ Columbia debut got off to a slow start earlier this year.

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones’ Pray IV Reign stormed onto the charts at No. 9. The rapper’s fourth solo project scanned 43,000 discs after its first week in retail stores. (Sales Wrap)

He signed to a major record label around October 2007.

Rapper and entrepreneur Jim Jones has signed a new deal with Columbia Records. This new deal is a partnership of sorts with KOCH Records. KOCH will still be involved in marketing and radio promotion for Jones, and participate in revenue streams, while Columbia will oversee all aspects of his campaigns. Jones will have the best of both worlds as the #1 Indie label and one of the most historic major labels team up with him on his upcoming album. (Press Release)

Jones also announced a duet deal with DJ Webstar earlier this month.

“There’s no difference man, Diplomats, Jim Jones is all the same thing whether I was with a group or if I was solo, I’d still be here doing this,” Jones said in an interview. “Shout-outs to everyone in the Diplomats, Juelz [Santana], [Freekey] Zekey and Cam[‘ron]. It’s been a long road, we put our work in to get to where we’re at today. I just did another deal with E1, a duet deal with me and Webstar…I got the documentary coming out, I did an independent movie, I got a lot of music on the airwaves right now…It’s just like any other hustle, it began to change, when crack came, they had to switch it up and learn how to hustle crack, ya dig? Internet is rockin’, you better get your hustle together and get your viral sh*t on and poppin’.” (Vimby)

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