Jim Jones Talks A&R Role At E1 Music, “Freedom Is Definitely A Must For Me”

Jim Jones Talks A&R Role At E1 Music, “Freedom Is Definitely A Must For Me”

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones recently updated fans on his A&R position at E1 (formerly Koch Records) and announced plans to begin a new album.

Helping to bring in new talent like DJ Webstar to the popular label, Jones described his work ethic away from the studio.

“The A&R gig is really good,” Jones said in an interview. “We’ve got a lot going on over there. I’ve got a new artist called Dorrough. His songs are doing pretty good across the country. Webstar did a duet album with me that’s got ‘Dancing On Me.’ D-Block just dropped an album. Shout out to [DJ] Khaled too. They’ve got a strong roster. They recognize all the money I’ve made them and all of the moves I’ve made throughout the years over the course of our relationship. They understand the way I have to work. Freedom is definitely a must for me to get the best quality of product that’s usually a hit…I’m starting to prepare to record the next album. I’m finishing up the Webstar album, Roof Top right now. I will be putting out my next LP hopefully around Christmas time.” (Artist Direct)

Jones recently spoke on Webstar’s rap talent and why he decided to hop on an entire album with the young emcee.

“Webstar had a smash song on the radio and I kept thinking like, ‘D*mn, it’s a Harlem thing going on.’ I called him up and jumped on the record with him and the song ended up doing things we couldn’t imagine,” Jones explained in an interview. “We thought of different ways to make Webstar bigger than he already is. I told him if we did a duet album together, it wouldn’t be a discredit to him, it would only help build his brand which in turn will get him more money when he does his solo album.” (BET)

Jones signed Webstar to E1 earlier this year.

DJ Webstar (“Dancin on Me”) has signed his deal with E1 Music/Splash/Skrilla. E1 Music is the new name for Koch Records. Splash is the label formed by Dame Dash and Jim Jones. Skrilla is Webstar’s first label. His deal comes off the height of the new record “Dancing On Me” which is a #1 smash in NYC. The video features Jim Jones, Dame Dash and DJ Webstar at the E1 offices in NYC. (Vlad TV)

Capo previously spoke on how he was offered the Vice President of Urban A&R title by E1 last March.

“Koch gave me my start in the game,” Jimmy said in an interview. “They’ve seen what I’ve done as far as the success with Diplomats and Byrd Gang…It’s an opportunity to work over there and help them create a new business format for Koch as far as how they sign artists and looking for new artists instead of what they known for as far as giving artists that have already been out there a chance, or a last chance as people would say. We’re gonna switch it up…In this game, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Sometimes you can negotiate more than you deserve.” (iHipHop)

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