Jim Jones Still Holds Jay-Z Grudge, “I Just Don’t Like His Old A**” [Video]

Jim Jones Still Holds Jay-Z Grudge, “I Just Don’t Like His Old A**” [Video]

Jim Jones gave fans an update on his relationship with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and explained why he doesn’t have any “hate” for his rival.

The Byrd Gang leader recently spoke with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom about his stance on controversy.

“We living a very thin line between love and hate when you out here,” Jones said. “And us being rappers and musicians, it’s not easy for us all the time. But for the most part, it’s love and we appreciate everybody that shows love…I don’t hate anybody. My grandma said if you hate somebody, you gotta kill ‘em. I don’t hate him, I just don’t like his old a**. I’m about to put this one on Twitter. I’ma Twitter this up.” (Jenny Boom Boom)

Jones is known for going head-to-head with Jay-Z who responded to the rapper’s “We Fly High” record in 2006 with his own diss track, “Brooklyn High.”

“He said Jim Jones’ name a couple weeks ago on HOT 97, that was his first mistake, nobody ever thought he’d do that,” Jones said in a previous interview during the time. “If I’m supposedly not on his level, when he’s supposed to be this rich dude and such this gangsta. [laughs] That was his first mistake. And then he bit the bullet and did the remix to “We Fly High,” which I appreciate. He did two verses, and that registers as BDS, ’cause it’s over two minutes.” (Bossip)

Jones is known for not holding his tongue in situations including an alleged shooting at his Detroit concert earlier this week and a separate hotel incident last week.

In Atlanta Jim Jones and Chubby Baby were harassed in their hotel rooms due to their large entourage. They decide to leave and outside the hotel handle some annoying security and staff. “Yeah, we know you a h*mo,” Jones is seen saying in a video. “You a f*ggot too, came out here like you were gonna do something. Hyatt security, that’s your badge? You a dweeb…I ain’t giving you sh*t, now just say I robbed you, b*tch. You crazy. And we’re gonna YouTube your a**, we’re gonna make you famous in the morning, d**khead.” (Raw Report)

He has expressed his feelings on former associates Cam’ron and Max B on the song “Frienemies.”

“My best partner, grew up to be monsters,” Jones raps, “And what happened, the sneaky hatin’/ N*ggas in your ear and the plan deviated/ Snakes in the grass just waitin’ for the moment/ N*ggas on your team and they really your opponent…now I’m feeling for the guns every time that I hug him/ I hate him up close but from a distance I can love him…Someone got killed, conspiracy/ And even still, I bailed you outta jail/ Without me you’d be facing an appeal/ But who knew this, you’d be a Judist/ And in the process, flew you ’round the world/ Put diamonds on your neck like you was my lil’ girl.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Check out Jim Jones interview with Jenny Boom Boom below:

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