Jim Jones Stays Ballin’ In The Industry, “It Might Be Difficult For People That Ain’t Husting”

Jim Jones Stays Ballin’ In The Industry, “It Might Be Difficult For People That Ain’t Husting”

Dipset’s Jim Jones recently opened up about his feelings of the ailing music industry and why illegal online downloading should not be an excuse for struggling careers.

Jones believes artists’ payrolls ultimately are based on how good of a hustler they are.

“Well, it might be difficult for the people that ain’t hustling to not make the money they used to make, but sh**, me I’m sitting pretty good. It’s a pretty lucrative business for me, so when people say that, it makes me laugh because nine times out of ten, the rappers you do see and the musicians you do see on TV, have things that people dream about and can’t achieve. I would watch what people say is lucrative and not lucrative, because most likely their job is not that lucrative. Most likely, their job would probably be money that we spend frivolously in a couple of days that they make in a year or so. It’s just funny how the media paints it.” (Baller Status)

He also acknowledged the progression of music becoming more viral.

“Now the truth is the climate of the music industry has gotten a little bit chilly, due to the whole viral thing that’s going on, but that’s also a great thing. And with all great things, you just gotta learn how to make a move with it. Everybody gotta evolve. It’s nothing wrong with that. Which companies do you think make the most money and are offering the most jobs? It’s the viral community they’re making the most money. It’s pretty simple when you know the game humph!” (Baller Status)

Thinking outside of music, Dipset’s Freekey Zekey recently talked to SOHH about owning his own restaurant.

“First and foremost, the name of my restaurant is The Palmetto. It’s located in Greensboro, North Carolina. A lot of people run around and get a whole lot of jewelry and spend money in strip clubs and not that I’m saying that any of that is bad, but I want to build a foundation. Once you get to be around 28, 29 and 30 in the rap game, you’re considered old. It’s just like in basketball or football. Once you reach a certain age, once you get into your 30’s, you’re considered an old head. So I had to find out what my foundation was going to be so when it’s all said and done, I’m sitting pretty. I can be 50 years-old with a cane and still talking to the nice little 25 year-old ladies.” (SOHH Guest Star)

A month prior, Soulja Boy Tell Em said he planned to one-day break into the movie industry.

“I really wanna break into Hollywood,” Soulja told BET.com. “I really wanna do the correct first film and make an impression on a lot of people so they can come holla at me and wanna put me in their movies. Doing music [is] my first love, but I always had a passion for acting ’cause I feel like I come out natural on the camera. In the future I got a couple plans. I’ve been talking to Nick Cannon, who is directing this upcoming film I’m supposed to be starring in, and I think that’ll be a good look, but I just gotta pick the right film and kill the part.” (BET)

Check out some recent Jim Jones footage below:

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