Jim Jones Speaks On Max B Publishing Deal, “I Own Him”

Jim Jones

After months of diss videos from former Byrd Gang affiliate Max B, Jim Jones has revealed details regarding their contractual business relationship.

In a recent interview with radio personality Funkmaster Flex, the Harlem, New York-bred rapper debunked rumors claiming Max no longer has ties with him.

“He’s signed to my label and I bought his publishing for roughly $90,000 which he cried over the phone to get out of jail for,” Jones explained. “He sold his soul, the stupidest move I’ve ever heard anybody make in their entire life.”

Admitting he’s remained silent about the situation because there’s no financial gain, Jones further compared Max’s previous loyalty to other rappers who have been removed from popular rap groups.

“You know how Smurf tried to do to 50 [Cent] and then all of a sudden Smurf was gone,” Jones compared. “What about J-Hood to The Lox –like these are the things I want to know.”

The Byrd Gang leader also took a moment to clear rumors of Damon Dash being broke due to recent financial reports claiming he owes millions.

“He might be broke to Bill Gates, but to the average person he’s filthy rich,” he said. “He lives in one of those Tribeca big apartments and his apartment is bigger than my entire house, and my house is pretty big.”

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