Jim Jones Speaks On Alleged Shooting Incident, “Detroit Clubs Are Tricky”

Jim Jones Speaks On Alleged Shooting Incident, “Detroit Clubs Are Tricky”

Responding to reports of a shoot-out following his performance in Detroit, Jim Jones has debunked the rumors of gunfire taking place.

The Byrd Gang leader also expressed his thoughts towards Trick Trick who was originally reported to have been shot.

“Shout-out to Detroit,” Jones said in an interview with hip-hop personality Miss Info. “Negative. Nah, nah nah [no shooting took place]. What did the news say? Did the news say they was a shooting? Ah man, shout-out to Trick Trick, I hope he get better. Detroit clubs are tricky. They got a lot of problems going on out there.” (Miss Info)

Rumors cited the involvement of a Detroit rapper who had another version of “Na Na Na.”

Not everyone was happy with Jim Jones’ new song “Na Na Na.” There is a Detroit Rapper who had the exact song last year. Rumor is Jim Jones was jumped by 20 goons in Detroit, Michigan. Word in the streets is that last night around 2 am at Club Esko in Detroit, Jim Jones, who was about to perform, was rushed and beaten by at least 20 Detroit natives. Reports claim that three individuals were shot. (World Star Hip Hop)

Trick Trick is also addressed the rumors of him being shot saying he was nowhere near the club during the alleged incident.

He told WKQI-FM (95.5) on Monday morning that he was at home “restin’ and chillin’.” “I’m at home. I ain’t left this house since Saturday.” Trick told WKQI‘s “Mojo in the Morning” program Monday morning. Trick said he received a concerned phone call from his mother early Monday, after she had heard a report on television that her son had been shot. After he told her he was safe at home, Trick said his mother called WDIV-TV (Channel 4) and told them to stop reporting the story. As for why he had been linked to the shooting incident that reportedly left two wounded, “I’m still trying to figure that out,” Trick said. (Detroit News)

Early reports said both Jones and Trick Trick were involved in a shooting Monday (March 16) morning.

Ten men rushed the Esko Lounge on Michigan Avenue near Shelby Street, according to Detroit police. The men got into a fight with rapper Jim Jones and shots were fired. Two men were hit, including a man police identified as Christian Mathis. Local 4 confirmed Mathis was taken to the emergency room at Detroit Receiving Hospital. He is in serious condition. The other man’s condition is unknown. Police are looking for the gunman. (Detroit Local News 4)

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