Jim Jones Pleads Not Guilty In Assault Case, “It’s What You Call An Expensive Inconvenience”

Jim Jones Pleads Not Guilty In Assault Case, “It’s What You Call An Expensive Inconvenience”

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones has pleaded not guilty on the alleged assault towards an associate of R&B singer Ne-Yo.

The Harlem, New York-bred emcee was due in court yesterday (February 4).

Jones pleaded not guilty on Wednesday. “I’m trying to stay away from this building,” quipped the “Pop Champagne” rapper as he emerged from Manhattan Criminal Court after being arraigned. He downplayed the misdemeanor assault charge stemming from the Dec. 22 fisticuffs with Jayvon Smith. “It’s what you call an expensive inconvenience,” said Jones, wrapping an arm around his lawyer, Scott Leemon. (New York Daily News)

Leemon has also addressed Wednesday’s court appearance.

“I entered a not guilty plea on his behalf and [Jim] was released on his own recognizance,” Scott Leemon told AllHipHop.com, adding that the Assistant District Attorney sought a $1,000 bail for Jones, which the judge denied. A motion schedule was set today, with Jones’ next court appearance coming on March 24. (All Hip Hop)

Jones has publicly spoken on the alleged asault in interviews.

“Ain’t nothin’ happen, like shout-outs to Ne-Yo, Jones said in an interview. “Nothing went on with Ne-Yo. I couldn’t do that man. That would be a little bit wrong to put my hands on Ne-Yo. He’s a talented young man. The ladies like him.” (Big Boy’s Neighborhood)

Rumors originally broke out late December claiming Jones was involved in a violent scuffle with various Def Jam artists.

“While the details are sketchy, my people tell me that a lot of the stories being posted are ‘grossly exaggerated.’ Apparently Ne-Yo and Ty-Ty‘s brother were shopping in the store when J. Jones approached the guys and started going off on Vaughn, who just so happens to bare a striking resemblance to his brother Ty-Ty.” (Gyant Scoop)

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