Jim Jones On Topless Texas Girls Vid, “I Don’t Think It Was As Bad As People Say” [Video]

Jim Jones On Topless Texas Girls Vid, “I Don’t Think It Was As Bad As People Say” [Video]

Dipset’s Jim Jones has finally addressed a recent dispute involving topless Texas women being featured in his “Summertime” music video without their consent.

Downplaying the situation, Jones said he felt there was no wrongdoing on his behalf.

“I thought it was dope,” Jones said when asked about making the cover of the New York Daily News. “I thought it was free promotion, free marketing. Thank-you Daily News. I don’t think it was as bad as people say. Everybody looking for some shine, I guess. [It’s] something my lawyer will handle. [Do I regret it?] Regret what? I don’t regret nothing that’s done in life. I didn’t shoot a video in Miami. [smile]” (Rap Radar)

Details of the lawsuit hit the Internet around mid-February.

A pair of Lone Star lovelies are taking aim at rapper Jim Jones for using video of their topless frolicking in his “Summertime” video. In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Sharie Johnson and Samantha Stotts say they didn’t give the rapper permission to use their half-naked images in his video, and they want the clip yanked from YouTube immediately. (New York Post)

Their lawyer, Taso Pardalis, explained what actions were being requested at the time.

“They were prancing about in the water and in the moment, they kind of went along with it,” Pardalis said. “But you can see one of the girls in the video cover up immediately when she realized they were being filmed.” The Manhattan Supreme Court suit, which targets Jones, Sony Music Entertainment and others, seeks to stop the “further dissemination” of the video, which has been viewed more than 30,000 times on YouTube. The “Summertime” clip opens with a shot noting that it was 28 degrees, windy and snowing in New York on Dec. 6., then showcases women in bikinis. (New York Daily News)

Outside of legal situations, Jones recently talked to SOHH about why fans should support his new album, Capo.

“This is hustler’s music. That’s my first reason why you should go out and cop my new album. You can hear the hustle in this album and it’s gonna be what you need to get you through your day, no matter what you got going on. That’s the big reason right there.” (Buy My Record)

Check out Jim Jones’ video down below:

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