Jim Jones On Sharing Magazine Cover W/ Cam’ron, “I Think My Side Was The Good Side, Killa” [Video]

Jim Jones On Sharing Magazine Cover W/ Cam’ron, “I Think My Side Was The Good Side, Killa” [Video]

Dipset‘s Jim Jones recently spoke on sharing the Straight Stuntin’ Magazine cover with estranged associate Cam’ron.

In addition, Jones give the magazine’s owner, DJ Kay Slay, props for its content.

“You know, that’s a good look,” Jones said about his split magazine cover. “I think I’m a little bit more splashier because I get fly. [laughs] He know that though, he know that. He knows that’s what I do. I think my side was the good side, Killa, what’s up? [laughs] Shout-outs to Killa, shout-out to Kay Slay. I love how the magazine shows our beautiful black women. Our women are a little bit thicker than what they show you in America, on the media, but we love it that way.” (Industry Muscle)

Slay recently spoke on why print publications should not make the move to online.

“I figured the modeling thing would be simpler if I gave them a platform to show their talents and It would be good to come through a magazine. It’s female DJ’s, rappers, models, adult entertainers. No requirements, just come correct. Everything is run right like any other magazine you see. I didn’t do an online magazine because that’s how you lose. This downloading sh*t f*cked up the whole music industry. The last thing you want to do is put it online cause people won’t purchase it. You can’t bootleg a magazine. The time that it takes to do it and the money, a n*gga aint gonna take the chance to do it. The only way you could lose if you did an online version. I don’t care if you have to pay for it, a motherf*cker will figure out how to get that sh*t for free. It’s a gift and curse.” (All Hip Hop)

Writing via a blog posting, the “Capo” shared his reflections and current stance on the Dipset movement last month.

“I don’t think we (me and Cam’ron) actually turned on each other, as opposed to just…we just grew apart from each other,” Jones wrote today (March 15). “We would see a lot more discrepancies going on between the two of us. For the most part you don’t see anything going on between the two of us. He’s doing what he does; I’m doing what I do. Hopefully we can get this Diplomat thing back together, put another album out and sh*t like that and keep it moving. I don’t know man, when me and him do get up, trust me, y’all gonna know about it. For the most part everything is pointing in the right direction; I’m open for it. I like big checks, ya heard me?” (Global Grind)

Last month, Jones addressed Cam’s Diplomat expansion into Dipset West.

“Ain’t no such thing as dipset west till they patch in I don’t know yall man CAPO said it holla Shouts to west side piru,” Jimmy wrote via Twitter on Friday (February 26). “Matter fact ain’t no dipset until me camjuelz n zeke get back together n make tht powerfulmusic Thts the Diplomats I know.” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Check out Jim Jones speaking on Cam’ron below:

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