Jim Jones On Dipset’s Place In History, “We’re One Of The Last Of The Mohicans For Harlem” [Video]

Jim Jones On Dipset’s Place In History, “We’re One Of The Last Of The Mohicans For Harlem” [Video]

New York rapper Jim Jones has weighed in on Dipset‘s history and explained how he maintains the “hustling” mentality that they were known for.

According to Mr. Ballin’, his upcoming mixtape, The Ghost of Rich Porter, is a throwback to Dipset’s early days.

“This is hustling music.  I just remember the days when n*ggas used to love to hustle.  What we did as Diplomats, as a whole, me, Cam, Juelz, Freekey, we’re one of the last of the Mohicans for Harlem, upholding that thing,” Jones said in an interview. “We bring a lot to the table as far as the fame and the history as of recent and in the last decade. That’s ‘us’ up there, holla at us. We got equal share to that, we feel like we harder when it comes to the streets, you don’t see too much of us often. So get a good look at us like I’ve been saying. [laughs] Life is a hustle to me, I’m a hustler, man. Hustle is just about getting money man. It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re hustling.  I’m going for mines.  Right now I’ve been doing music.  I’ve been doing entertainment.” (Vlad TV)

Yesterday, New Jersey rapper Joe Budden said a Dipset reunion could help bring back the Big Apple’s respected rap image.

“i really liked Loon btw…. he needs to come back,” Joey wrote early Tuesday (February 23) morning. “& call me crazy, but Juelz [Santana], Jimmy [Jones] & Cam can bring New York back… I really believe that. The lox back on a major could bring NY back too…. A Rae & Ghost album… More $ behind Kiss… i’m tellin y’all, i know how 2 fix this sh*t !” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Earlier this month, Jones said he still had high hopes for a reunion.

“Yeah definitely, that’s little bro right there,” Jones said referring to Juelz Santana. “It’s still Dipset for life above what anybody thinks. Shout-outs to Cam also but everybody got their own thing that they’re doing. We moving in one accord though, you’d be surprise at what’s gonna happen this year. We might knock the socks off the industry. Dipset, b*tch. That’s all I got to say.” (Radio Planet TV)

Juelz also weighed in on the reunion talk saying he was not aware of a peace calling with Cam and Jones.

“I haven’t spoke to nobody,” Juelz told DJ Enuff. “I haven’t spoke to Cam, I speak to Jim [Jones], I don’t know if they spoke but as far as that, I don’t mind doing any music. My whole thing was, what I just needed to get right was my business. I came into this game when I was so young and it was a lot of things that I didn’t know. So my whole thing was, it wasn’t like when I realized what was going on I was like, ‘F*ck that, I’m ready to turn my back.’ My whole thing was, ‘All right, let’s move on from this, now give me what I deserve. I done helped build this building, we about to build another building. I done put in that work.’ My business is good — I don’t have no personal grudges — all I needed to do was get my business right, I just couldn’t be stupid anymore.” (“That’s Enuff”)

Check out Jim Jones speaking on Dipset below:

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