Jim Jones Justifies Siding W/ 50 Cent During Cam’ron Beef [Video]

Jim Jones Justifies Siding W/ 50 Cent During Cam’ron Beef [Video]

In the latest segment from Jim Jones‘ new documentary, the rapper’s falling out with Cam’ron is closely examined, along with his explanation for appearing on-stage with 50 Cent during his beef with the Dipset leader.

Claiming his problems with Cam had already begun prior to showing Fif support at a 2007 concert, Jim said he had to focus on his career.

“By the time that 50 Cent sh*t came into play, whatever was going on between me and Cam was already going on,” Jones explained. “I couldn’t really worry about what people was thinking at that point because I got a career to worry about. And if nobody else is gonna worry about my career then I am so the moves I make are the moves I make whether n*ggas like it or not.” (This Is Jim Jones)

Jones made his infamous appearance alongside Fif at his 5 Bourough tour in New York City.

The G-Unit leader, flanked by Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, invited Jim Jones and Juelz Santana to the stage. Jones immediately launched into “We Fly High,” as 50 and Santana played hypemen (the rest of G-Unit exited momentarily), both taking turns putting up the basketball shot that accompanies the song’s memorable ad-lib. (MTV)

Cam recently addressed the reasons behind his falling out with Jones including the 50 incident.

“It’s a wrap,” Cam said in an interview. “I called Jim. Everybody kinda not been speaking for three years anyway, it just got in the public. Once a problem gets in the public for me, it can’t be fixed…The first public joint was he called Miss Info talking a bunch of stuff I don’t even like to repeat…Going on stage with 50 when me and him are in the middle of a heated battle, that was another thing.” (The Angie Martinez Show)

Despite their distance in recent years, Jones recently revealed his interest in doing a Diplomats album with Cam.

“I’m only one piece of this puzzle, there’s three other players,” Jones said in an interview. “I think there’s two other people who are in…I’m willing to get another Diplomat album done for the sake of us being selfish these past few years and change and our personal differences. It’s been more to it, it wasn’t just us that made Diplomats happen…for that, I think we owe it to ourselves and a lot of other people.” (Hot 97)

Check out the latest segment from Jones’ documentary below:

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