Jim Jones Is Finally Getting His Grown Man On, Capo’s Wifey Tells All

Jim Jones Is Finally Getting His Grown Man On, Capo’s Wifey Tells All

Dipset’s Jim Jones may be inching closer to being viewed as a full-fledged grown man rather than his “Capo” hip-hop persona based on some recent words courtesy of fiancée Chrissy Lampkin.

In Jones’ fiancée’s perspective, Jimmy has started to show some real growth in their relationship.

“I think Jim has become more mature and more comfortable with the fact that it’s OK to grow up. I think he looks forward to doing things differently now, and I think he’s a happier person for it,” Chrissy said in an interview. “I’ve become more patient and more relaxed.” (XXL Mag)

Chrissy also updated fans on her relationship with Jones’ publicized mother, Nancy “Mama” Jones.

“I really don’t know exactly what it was,” Chrissy said referring to their positive turning point. “I would like to think it’s because she understood that her son loves me and that’s where he wanted to be, and that she didn’t really have a legitimate reason not to like me. Why cause the rift when you have no reason other than personal reasons? I think she realized that it’s really not worth it. If I had did something to her than fine, but my attitude towards her was more reactionary. And to let you know, it wasn’t always like that with us, so not only was I unhappy with it, I was hurt and shocked that it got so bad and went so far.” (XXL Mag)

Last year, Jones and Lampkin were finally engaged after years of dating.

Rapper Jim Jones has become engaged to his girlfriend of seven years. The hip-hop star popped the question to his longtime partner Chrissy Lampkin at a restaurant in Miami, Florida and the proposal was shown on U.S. reality TV show Love and Hip-Hop. After accepting a ring from the star, Lampkin told viewers, “The fact that my Jimmy knew that it was the right time to do things, it’s priceless.” (National Ledger)

Despite his love for the curvy vixen, Jones’ longtime friend Cam’ron recently promised he had no immediate plans to throw a ring on girlfriend JuJu’s finger.

“[Laughs] Ah man. I don’t know. Not saying we won’t get married one day, but why mess up what’s good right now with something else? We got the best relationship in the world. We have fun, we go out, we can look at phat asses together. We don’t need a piece of paper to say that’s who we are. She press me about it but she gets it. We’re enjoying life.” (Karen Civil)

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