Jim Jones Gets Stamp Of Approval To Teach, “I Finally Got Cleared With The Board Of Education”

Jim Jones Gets Stamp Of Approval To Teach, “I Finally Got Cleared With The Board Of Education”

Dipset’s Jim Jones has announced that got approval to teach an eight week music course this summer.

The rapper said he was approved to teach recently and will take on an eight-week course.

“I finally got the teacher thing cleared with the Board of [Education] — I’ll be teaching a curriculum for eight weeks before the school year’s out,” Jones told radio host Angela Yee. “I’m teaching all parts of what goes on in the music from the artistry part, from the executive part of it, from the label owner part of it, marketing, promotion, publicity, we gonna go through the whole motion with how important a lawyer is to an artist, what exactly a lawyer’s job is, what exactly a manager’s job is.” (“Morning After With Angela Yee”)

He initially announced his move to teaching in an interview last month.

“Yeah, should I make them call me Mr. Jones? I’ll be teaching for eight weeks, I’ll be teaching a real curriculum, right now they’re actually going back and forth with the Board of Education to see what goes on and sh*t. I fully don’t know the whole logistics of everything — it’s definitely going to be fun…I’ma have to go home the weekend before and write out my lessons — this will be the funnest class you can go to and sh*t but you gonna learn a lot. We all went to school, n*ggas didn’t like homework, but we knew every single song that was out. Word for word, ad libs, all that…I think they’ll get this common sense. Music 101 I guess [is the course title.] I’ve done music business since I was a teenager, I had major executive positions, I’ve been successful as an artist and successful as a label, we’ve been successful as a movement…” (Rap Radar)

Last December, Jones left his post at Columbia Records for independent distributor E1 Music.

XXLMag.com has learned that Dipset Capo Jim Jones has left Columbia Records and recently signed a deal to release his next solo studio album on E1 Music, formerly known as Koch Records. According to the contract, the Harlem rapper will also drop a mixtape vie E1 as well. Jones has a long history with the E1. Along with releasing a handful of records on the imprint, last January he was appointed vice president of urban A&R. (XXL Mag)

He also spoke on his position as an executive at E1 last year.

“The A&R gig is really good,” Jones said in an interview. “We’ve got a lot going on over there. I’ve got a new artist called Dorrough. His songs are doing pretty good across the country. Webstar did a duet album with me that’s got ‘Dancing On Me.’ D-Block just dropped an album. Shout out to [DJ] Khaled too. They’ve got a strong roster. They recognize all the money I’ve made them and all of the moves I’ve made throughout the years over the course of our relationship. They understand the way I have to work. Freedom is definitely a must for me to get the best quality of product that’s usually a hit…” (Artist Direct)

Check out Jim Jones speaking about teaching down below:

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