Jim Jones Gets Shut Out Of Hot 97’s Summer Jam, On-Stage Dipset Reunion Crumbles

Jim Jones Gets Shut Out Of Hot 97’s Summer Jam, On-Stage Dipset Reunion Crumbles

Dipset’s Jim Jones was reportedly denied entry into last night’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert in New Jersey.

According to Dipset’s Freekey Zekey, Jones was banned from the event at Giants stadium.

A full-fledged Diplomats reunion was in the cards at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert last night (June 6) at the New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, but forces beyond the Harlem crew’s control denied them the opportunity, according to Dipset’s own Freekey Zeekey. “There’s no such thing as a half reunion,” Freekey told XXLMag.com backstage, with Cam’ron just a couple of feet away. “What happened is they didn’t let Jim in. I told Jim and Juelz we’ll meet up at the after party. [Jim’s] banned from, like, 90% of the venues in the tri-state area.” Early in the evening, Juelz Santana performed with both Lloyd Banks and Fabolous, but he was noticeably absent a couple of hours later when Cam’ron and Vado hit the stage for a surprise cameo with DJ Khaled. (XXL Mag)

Last year, footage of a separate security confrontation featuring Jones in Atlanta leaked on the Internet.

In Atlanta Jim Jones and Chubby Baby were harassed in their hotel rooms due to their large entourage. They decide to leave and outside the hotel handle some annoying security and staff. “Yeah, we know you a h*mo,” Jones is seen saying in a video. “You a f*ggot too, came out here like you were gonna do something. Hyatt security, that’s your badge? You a dweeb…I ain’t giving you sh*t, now just say I robbed you, b*tch. You crazy. And we’re gonna YouTube your a**, we’re gonna make you famous in the morning, d**khead.” (Raw Report)

The Byrd Gang leader is known for having security confrontations including his publicized bouncer incident that took place in late 2008 at a Roots event.

“Shout out to Quest, I apologize I couldn’t get in that night to do the show, I was supposed to perform at BB King’s and do to my run-ins and my travels from so young in the city, I’ve done a lot in these clubs as far as bouncers are concerned,” Jones said in a recent video. “There was a bouncer that I may have ruffled his feathers when I was younger…it didn’t really go down…it was one bouncer egging over some old sh*t that happened. (iHipHop)

Last night’s concert featured appearances from multiple rap stars including Drake and Ludacris.

Freekey Zekey and Cam’ron came out later in the night as part of DJ Khaled’s show-stealing set. Hot 97 advertised that Khaled would be bringing out “friends,” and no one knew what to expect. Well, if you follow the Miami multi-tasking, up-and-coming mogul, you would have to suspect that he’d bring out Rick Ross. The two down-bottom mayors are thicker than Starsky and Hutch. Plus, Ross and Khaled did interviews together on Hot 97 earlier in the day. (MTV)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

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