Jim Jones’ Fiancee Turns Into A Shook One, “I’m Scared Of…” [Video]

Jim Jones’ Fiancee Turns Into A Shook One, “I’m Scared Of…” [Video]

“Love & Hip Hop” star Chrissy Lampkin and fiancee, rapper Jim Jones discussed their televised marriage engagement this week and just how soon we could expect them to officially tie the knot.

Speaking to New York radio host Angie Martinez, Chrissy admitted she becomes slightly apprehensive when picturing the actual ceremony taking place.

“[Date set?] Not yet. [Wedding planned?] Absolutely not; this is still just setting in, the whole engagement thing,” Chrissy said this week. “[Nervous?] Yeah, I am. I’m scared of the wedding. A lot of planning and a lot of stuff I have to get together. … Me, I could’ve done a destination wedding. A few family members and a few friends. [Televised wedding?] I hadn’t planned for it but let’s see.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Jones also chimed in with his thoughts and said their plan is to plan a wedding meets his grandmother’s approval.

“Oh man, is this what we’re gonna go through,” Jimmy jokingly said when told he cannot have a four-year engagement. “Let’s do one thing at a time. [Having a big wedding?] I’m old school; we got to go to my grandmother church and do it there, then after that we can get crazy.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Last week’s “Love & Hip Hop” episode caught the attention of celebrities like Estelle who congratulated the newly engaged couple.

“I’m so proud of @jimjonescapo and @chrissylampkin Thats right! Go head and #behappytogether God Bless em man…,” she tweeted January 3rd. (Estelle’s Twitter)

On the episode, Jones surprised Lampkin by flying down to Miami and proposing.

Rapper Jim Jones has become engaged to his girlfriend of seven years. The hip-hop star popped the question to his longtime partner Chrissy Lampkin at a restaurant in Miami, Florida and the proposal was shown on U.S. reality TV show Love and Hip-Hop. After accepting a ring from the star, Lampkin told viewers, “The fact that my Jimmy knew that it was the right time to do things, it’s priceless.” (National Ledger)

Check out Chrissy & Jimmy’s interview below:

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