Jim Jones Dips Outta Police Custody, “Every Officer In There Is A Gentleman”

Jim Jones Dips Outta Police Custody, “Every Officer In There Is A Gentleman”

Dipset’s Jim Jones has been released from police custody hours after making headlines for being arrested in New York City on an alleged suspended license charge.

Writing on his Twitter page, “Capo” gave fans a brief post-arrest update.

“From th pens to th video shoot to th air port chitown here we come #CAPO #April,5th #nomatterwhat,” he tweeted Wednesday (March 30) evening.

“Wht I miss when I was gone lol”

“Thnk u to everybody for makin th #EVERYBODYJONES video happen we pulled it off @Nyemiah_Supreme lookin good kiddo #CAPO #April,5th” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Following his arrest, Jones was issued a ticket for the suspended license.

After a few hours in the 1st Precinct stationhouse, cops issued the “We Fly High” rapper a desk appearance ticket and released him, police said. “I’m just an entertainer trying to make a living,” the rapper told the Daily News as he walked out. Jones said New York’s Finest were polite. “They showed me total respect,” he said. “Every officer in there is a gentleman.” (New York Daily News)

Details of Jones’ arrest hit the Internet yesterday afternoon.

Rapper Jim Jones was arrested in New York City … TMZ has learned. Jones was arrested today for driving on a suspended license. We’re told Jones is still in custody. Story developing… (TMZ)

The rapper recently talked to SOHH about life after a near-death car crash last January.

“Um, that’s a funny thing, man,” Jones told SOHH when asked if his life perspective has changed since the near-fatal car crash. “When sh*t like that happens, immediately off top you re-evaluate a lot of things that’s going on and sh*t like that. And then for some reason, I found myself doing a 120 [miles per hour] on the highway the other day. It’s the fast life, let’s go.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Jim Jones footage down below:

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