Jim Jones Dip-appointed W/ ‘Capo’ LP, “For The Sake Of The Label’s Business, You Sacrifice Your Art” [Video]

Jim Jones Dip-appointed W/ ‘Capo’ LP, “For The Sake Of The Label’s Business, You Sacrifice Your Art” [Video]

Dipset’s Jim Jones has expressed anguish over the new E1 Music release of his Capo solo album and explained why the project was forced out ahead of schedule.

Maintaining his confidence with the album’s material, Jones stressed his remorse regarding the promotion and marketing of the LP.

“I’m a little bit disappointed in the way the album came out,” Jones told hip-hop personality Miss Info. “I felt like the album was so dope, then you deal with some politics in the game that are way out of your control. When you deal with something so crazy sometimes you get disappointed — I really really did not want to come out on April 5th…The album is super dope. This is why I am even more disappointed because if I had the chance to market and promote the album the way I needed to who knows what could have happened…Then you deal with a situation where your back is up against the wall. For the sake of the label’s business, you sacrifice your art.” (Miss Info TV)

Jones also briefly reflected on dropping his last album, 2009’s Pray IV Reign, through Sony.

“My last album was at Sony,” he added. “I got to spend a lot of money over there. I had a fun time over there. Shouts to Hip-Hop and Al Branch. They were working my album over there. But six weeks before my album was supposed to come out both of them quit. So the marketing strategy drastically changed. The amount of records I was promised by the label changed drastically. So with the so called ‘consolidation”‘the number [of records] I was promised would be shipped changed. With spending close to 8-million dollars or something close to that at Sony I figured I’m pretty much in debt for a very long time to a lot of grapes and high-class studios. Ask Chung King studios about me. I locked out like a rock star in there. We were spending close to $100,000 a month there. You might think Jim is now stuck paying this insane debt back, but… that’s not the case…” (Miss Info TV)

The rapper recently sat down with SOHH to discuss why fans should support his latest project.

“I’m excited about this album. I’m gonna keep it all the way live. I love all my albums, but this album I’m excited about just because of the fact of how the Sony [Pray IV Reign] album left off and the way the people portrayed it, they don’t know the politics and the business when it comes to doing music and publishing records and all that. It’s a hustler’s state of mind. But, with all the support I’ve been getting on this new album, and the great music I’ve been making and the inspirations that’s been coming by me, the sh*t is crazy. Shout-out to Wyclef, shout-out to Prodigy, shout-out to Lloyd Banks, Game, shout-out to Sean Garrett, shout-out to all the people that have been pulling my favor. I’m not even mad, I’m hyped!” (Buy My Record)

As of this week, the project is en route to sell up to 18,000 copies.

E1 rapper Jim Jones makes his label debut with Capo, which should do 15-18k, while veteran ’80s Minneapolis R&B group (and Prince contemporaries) Mint Condition, also on the former Koch label, will debut with between 12-15k on their album, 7… (HITS Daily Double)

Check out Jim Jones’ interview down below:

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