Jim Jones Didn’t Wanna Go Ballin’ In Front Of Flashing Lights, Says Girlfriend

Jim Jones Didn’t Wanna Go Ballin’ In Front Of Flashing Lights, Says Girlfriend

With last night’s “Love & Hip-Hop” TV reality series premiere, featured star Chrissy Lampkin opens up about the show originally being centered on her longtime boyfriend/rapper Jim Jones.

Despite Jones’ typical camera antics, Lampkin said he was opposed to being the star of a reality show.

“In the beginning, it was a pilot about me and Jimmy [‘Jim and the Family Jones’], and he wasn’t really comfortable with that,” Chrissy explained. VH1 producers volunteered to bring in “some more females, make it more interesting,” and eventually Emily, Olivia and aspiring rapper Somaya Reece were added to the cast; Emily’s close friend Mashonda Tifrere (ex-wife of Swizz Beatz) also appears. “If I don’t have to work with Jimmy every day, I’m with it!” the ever-bouncy Chrissy, who actually proposes to Jim on the show, laughed. “He didn’t want to be bothered with the cameras every day.” (MTV)

Lampkin’s “Love & Hip-Hop” co-star/singer Olivia recently told SOHH about the show originally featuring Jimmy.

“A good friend of mine is executive producing the show, Mona Scott. I’ve known Mona for around seven years now and I trust her judgement. Originally the show was supposed to be “Jim & The Family Jones” which is Jim Jones and his family, but they wanted to re-vamp the show after meeting me. So they said, you know what, why don’t we just get two more girls, and then just make it about four girls and their lives and everything.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Although featured on the show alongside aspiring rapper Somaya Reece, Olivia recently clarified their relationship.

“There was never a relationship with her,” Olivia told SOHH referring to Somaya Reece. “Chrissy [Lampkin], Emily [Bustamante] and I were the ones shooting the show together and they brought her in as the last girl for what you saw on TV. That [promo] clip you see her was actually for the show, so it came out early and people thought it was a crazy beef and I actually do not mess with that girl at all. So that’s what that is. No. I’m definitely not her friend. Just because you see us on the show [doesn’t mean anything]. I’m not fronting for the cameras at all. So you’ll be able to tell who I like and who I don’t like.” (SOHH)

In addition to Chrissy, Somaya and Olivia, “Love & Hip-Hop” also features rapper Fabolous‘ girlfriend/stylist Emily B.

VH1’s new docu-soap series “Love & Hip Hop” follows four women who share one common bond: their connection to the hip-hop world…through their men and their careers. This 8-part series captures the struggles of Chrissy and Emily, who both date rappers and must navigate their relationships while still maintaining a sense of self. Somaya and Olivia are both recording artists trying to break through in the male-dominated hip-hop industry. These four women struggle against shifting loyalties, family drama and the pressures of trying to make it in the hip hop game. (VH1)

Check out a sneak peek of “Love & Hip-Hop” down below:

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