Jim Jones Denied Entry Into His Own Party, “Police Refused To Let Me In”

Jim Jones Denied Entry Into His Own Party, “Police Refused To Let Me In”

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones has detailed an altercation he had after being denied entrance to a couple of album release parties earlier this week.

Writing via his Twitter account, Jones described his experience being confronted by security.

“I had two album release parties this week and police refuse to let me in, even used tactics as far as threatening,” Jones wrote unmodified. “One of the sargeants told the club owner if he lets me in the club that he was gonna punch the club owner in the face. These are the same cops that see me at different functions besides clubs and ask for my picture for the kids or even better bring they kids to me meet.” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

He recently had a showdown with security at an Atlanta hotel offering money and snatching it back while verbally berating the guards.

In Atlanta Jim Jones and Chubby Baby were harassed in their hotel rooms due to their large entourage. They decide to leave and outside the hotel handle some annoying security and staff. “Yeah, we know you a h*mo,” Jones is seen saying in a video. “You a f*ggot too, came out here like you were gonna do something. Hyatt security, that’s your badge? You a dweeb…I ain’t giving you sh*t, now just say I robbed you, b*tch. You crazy. And we’re gonna YouTube your ass, we’re gonna make you famous in the morning, d**khead.” (Raw Report)

Jones is known for having security confrontations including his publicized bouncer incident which took place late last year at a Roots event.

“Shout out to Quest, I apologize I couldn’t get in that night to do the show, I was supposed to perform at BB King’s and do to my run-ins and my travels from so young in the city, I’ve done a lot in these clubs as far as bouncers are concerned,” Jones said in a recent video. “There was a bouncer that I may have ruffled his feathers when I was younger…it didn’t really go down…it was one bouncer egging over some old sh*t that happened. (iHipHop)

Aside from his new album, Pray IV Reign, Jones recently hit the stage for his “Hip-Hop Monologues.”

Produced by Sony Entertainment, Damon Dash, and J Kyle‘s Korner Entertainment, “Hip Hop Monologues: Inside The Life & Mind of Jim Jones,” the critically acclaimed artistic listening set to stage, will open for the first time to the public at the 37 Arts Theater in New York City and will play for a limited edition run of six performances. Starting at $40, tickets to “Hip Hop Monologues” are available beginning March 11, 2009 via ticketmaster.com. (Broadway World)

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