Jim Jones Breaks Silence On Near Fatal Crash, “Head-On Collision W/ The Car Rail” [Audio]

Jim Jones Breaks Silence On Near Fatal Crash, “Head-On Collision W/ The Car Rail” [Audio]

Dipset’s Jim Jones has broken his silence on a car crash from earlier this month which almost cost him his life.

On the new release of a track called “Crash,” Jones details what went down on the near fatal January 17th wreck.

“After they finished searching the van for drugs/The officer told me, if I don’t believe in God, now is the time to start/I was halfway asleep, faded off the sour/Not knowing that could have been my last hour/I seen it clear, we was on 85/Road looking clear, doing ’bout 85/A smooth sail turned into a crazy ride/I wish I could say a n*gga watched the way he drive/But he was just trying to swerve a deer/I didn’t get to see him but the Lord heard my prayers/Head-on collision with the car rail/And I’m a firm believer that God’s real/I felt my van crushed against the hard steel/At that point, I can’t tell y’all how my heart feel/I seen it happen, we were spinning like a bottle top/And I was praying, ‘Lord, please make the bottle stop.’ …” (“Crash”)

A photo from the scene was revealed shortly after the accident took place.

I woke up today to a very scary email and photo from the homieJim Jones….his passenger van was totaled in this car accident this morning. Thankfully thankfully, he also included this message, “Just walked away from this [crash]. God bless us.” Just looking at this gives me anxiety remembering recent accidents that were much more tragic. So I’m thankful Jim is okay, and these kinds of messages always remind me to tell people I care about them. Also….please drive safely. No drinking. No sleepiness. No texting (that’s my new year’s resolution). And always seatbelts. Sorry for the den-mother post. (Miss Info TV)

Additional reporting claimed the wreck occurred in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dipset capo, Jim Jones, was reportedly involved in a serious car accident early Monday (January 17) in Atlanta, which resulted in his vehicle being totaled. It appears the accident took place on a freeway. (Baller Status)

Jones initially released a serious tweet alluding to what went down.

“Just had a very bad accident pray for us,” Jones tweeted. (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Listen to “Crash” below:

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