Jim Jones Beats Florida Assault Charges

Jim Jones Beats Florida Assault Charges

Dipset’s Jim Jones has reportedly had assault charges against him dropped after he was accused of taking part in the beating of a teenage boy last year in Florida.

According to reports, the charges were officially dropped last Friday (February 26).

Battery charges against Harlem rapper Jim Jones were officially dropped by the Florida’s Attorney’s Office on Friday (Feb. 26). The charges stemmed from an incident on March 12, 2009, when the former Dipset capo and several members of his entourage allegedly assaulted a teenager in a parking lot after a show in Panama City, Fla. (The Boom Box)

Footage of the attack was released online last spring.

Posted on YouTube last March, the footage shows around three large men fighting with a smaller person wearing a black shirt while Jim Jones, wearing a white shirt, is standing in the back. Jones appeared to be walking away from the altercation, but returned to pull people away from the fight. With a crowd of people observing the incident including a security guard, Jones and his crew left the scene while being taunted by local residents. (YouTube)

The footage was reportedly caught on video via an iPhone.

Donny Smith, 25, said he shot the video on his iPhone. Smith said he had gone to see a Lil Wayne concert, but went to the parking lot because the beach area was too crowded. He said Jones and members of his party were walking through and stopped to take pictures with some girls. Smith said the victim, Damian Johns, asked for a picture with Jones, who declined, and this upset Johns. Smith said he began to walk away because he believed the fight had ended, but the youth retaliated and began throwing punches, and that is when he began to record the fight. (News Herald)

Jones pleaded not guilty late last May to assault charges.

Byrd Gang‘s Jim Jones was not in attendance but his lawyer Hoot Crawford pleaded on his behalf. He allegedly punched Damion Johns, 17, of Panama City, on the lip during a March 13 mtvU-hosted Spring Break concert at Boardwalk Beach Resort. Johns told police Jones asked him to move, and then hit him because he did not move out of the way fast enough. Johns said he punched Jones back, and that brought the wrath of Jones’ bodyguards, who he said threw him to the ground. One bodyguard held Johns up while the other punched him in the jaw, he told police. (SOHH)

Check out footage from the incident down below:

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