Jim Jones Balls Up & Rejects Plea Offer, “I’m Trying To Stay Out Of This Place”

Jim Jones Balls Up & Rejects Plea Offer, “I’m Trying To Stay Out Of This Place”

Dipset’s Jim Jones reportedly turned down a plea deal relating to a recent New York City arrest for driving while having a suspended license.

Appearing in court Tuesday (April 26), Jones said he had no intention of making a confession.

Harlem rapper Jim Jones turned down a plea deal on Tuesday and may be headed to trial for driving his Bentley on a minor suspended license charge. “I’m trying to stay out of this place,” the hip hop artist quipped in his second court case in two years. (New York Daily News)

Jones’ attorney spoke on her client’s behalf and downplayed the suspended license charge.

“He believed he had a valid license,” his lawyer, Marianne Bertuna, said after court. “Sometimes, if you’re traveling as he does, and you miss a notice about an outstanding fine, they suspend you automatically.” Jones joked that he had no idea why he rejected the DA’s request that he plead guilty to misdemeanor driving without a license and pay a $500 fine. “I have no idea what’s going on!” he said, laughing. “What my lawyer said to do, I do. That’s what I pay lawyers for.” Bertuna said she hopes the matter will be resolved with a plea to a traffic infraction on Jones’ next court date, June 15. (New York Post)

The rapper was busted in Manhattan around late March.

Rapper Jim Jones was arrested in New York City … TMZ has learned. Jones was arrested today for driving on a suspended license. We’re told Jones is still in custody. Story developing… (TMZ)

Hours after the arrest, Jones kept his Twitter followers afloat with updates.

“From th pens to th video shoot to th air port chitown here we come #CAPO #April,5th #nomatterwhat,” he tweeted Wednesday (March 30) evening.

“Wht I miss when I was gone lol”

“Thnk u to everybody for makin th #EVERYBODYJONES video happen we pulled it off @Nyemiah_Supreme lookin good kiddo #CAPO #April,5th” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Check out some recent Jim Jones footage down below:

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