Jibbs Finds “New Tempo” W/ Lil Boosie, “This is A New Day & A New Time”

Jibbs Finds “New Tempo” W/ Lil Boosie, “This is A New Day & A New Time”

With the upcoming release of his sophomore album New Tempo, New Swag, Jibbs talked to SOHH about tapping Lil’ Boosie for the album and how he defied the haters who were ready to write him off.

His official first single “The Dedication (Ay DJ)” features Lloyd, but it’s his collabo with Boosie, “J Walk,” that Jibbs hopes will get people dancing.

“J Walking is a dance that started in St. Louis originally but it’s not like no wild dance or nothing that you got to practice at home,” he told SOHH. “It’s Basically the St. Louis two step. You just put your own swagger with it and that’s the J Walk. Some people J Walk diagonally like they crossing the street when they ain’t supposed to be. That’s the song Boosie on, he came down to St. Louis and spread some of that love down south into Louisiana and all that so we gon’ have the whole world J Walking this year.” (SOHH)

The St. Louis native first gained success when he released his debut album, Jibbs feat. Jibbs, in 2006, at just 15 years-old.

His album reached No. 11 on the Billboard Charts. His first single made a mark for Jibbs and made his fan base grow even bigger. “Chain Hang Low” was his first single and it reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. His second single called “King Kong” featuring Chamillionaire was released and made it to No. 56 on the Billboard Hot 100. (Idol Me)

Now 18, Jibbs hopes people will be able to look beyond his kiddie rapping past.

“I say everybody got their own opinion,” he added. That’s what can’t nobody take away from you is your opinion. I also say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Things change over time so if they don’t have an open mind then that’s cool. I say just open up your mind and open up your heart. Check me out you may like the new tempo and the new swag you may like what you see and what you hear. It don’t always got to be about what you saw before. This is a new day and a new time.” (SOHH)

New Tempo, New Swag is set to arrive in stores later this year.

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