Jeezy Says Read His Lips: “I Ain’t No Different From A Martin Luther King Or A Malcolm X”

Jeezy Says Read His Lips: “I Ain’t No Different From A Martin Luther King Or A Malcolm X”

Atlanta rapper Jeezy recently provided a major update on his long-awaited Seen It All solo album and dished on just how much content he packed the LP with. #Amen

As things currently stand, Jeezy sees the elusive studio release as important as a biblical manual.

“This is gonna be your bible, this is gonna be your manual,” said the Atlanta wordsmith. “I’m not gonna tell you that everything gonna be okay, that everything’s gonna be alright, but the moral of the story is never quit, never let up. A win is a win. That’s what this album is about.” (MTV)

The Def Jam rapper also admitted he sees himself being more than a rapper.

The “My President” spitter promises to never compromise his beliefs and is on such an inspired run that he takes a few liberties comparing himself to two of our country’s most iconic leaders. “I ain’t no different from a Martin Luther King or a Malcolm X,” he says without a hint of hesitation. “At the end of the day, they all believed in what they believed in. I feel like that’s what Seen It All Is. This is what I been through; how can I help you?” (MTV)

Barring any changes, the “Snowman” will drop Seen It All later this year.

The self-professed Snowman chose the name after looking at how far he’s come in the past 10 years. “I gave you Thug Motivation 101, I gave you The Inspiration, The Recession, I gave you 103, and I feel like through all that, I been through a lot and I feel like I seen it all,” Jeezy told REVOLT last night. “That’s why I named my new album Seen It All.” (REVOLT TV)

The Def Jam heavyweight recently noted how much of a hip-hop veteran he saw himself as.

“To be ten year in the game and still be a solid A1, no dirt on your jersey and still doing what you do, you gotta have a lot of wisdom and anybody like Birdman, Jay Z, or Puff Daddy can attest to that,” Jeezy explained. “It takes a lot to be strong in this game and still be here and do you’re thing. That’s why I feel like I’m a young OG, I Seen It All.” (REVOLT TV)


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