Jeezy Says He’s Finally Free, Reveals Tell-All LP After Coming Into Rap “With My Hands Behind My Back” [Video]

Jeezy Says He’s Finally Free, Reveals Tell-All LP After Coming Into Rap “With My Hands Behind My Back” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Jeezy is going to shock the world in the coming months after announcing plans to finally speak out on issues he previously had to keep tight-lipped about on a new solo album.

Although he would not delve into album details, Jeezy said people could expect him to touch on topics never previously discussed on past projects.

“A lot of you know when I came into the game, I pretty much came into the game with my hands behind my back. There’s a lot of sh*t I would like to talk about or could have talked about but was probably going to get me into a lot of trouble. So this is probably my first album where I’m able to explain. In layman’s terms, it’s statue of limitations.” (CTE tha World)

Some bloggers have considered if one of those key topics will include his past relationship with Black Mafia Family (BMF).

Looks like Jeezy is back in album mode. Earlier today he dropped the Childish Major-produced “In My Head” and now he’s released the above video, announcing that a new album is on the way. The more interesting note is the beginning of the clip when the artist formerly known as “Young” says he’s now free to speak on certain situations now that the statue of limitations is over. BMF? (2 Dope Boyz)

The announcement comes weeks after Jeezy officially changed his rap alias.

“Oh, no, no, no, it’s Jeezy now,” Jeezy said when referenced as ‘Young Jeezy’ during an interview. “I’m grown now. I did enough of that. It sounds good because when I came into the game, that’s what I was and that was my state of mind. But I’m a grown man now. Jeezy. It’s all good. We got a little older now.” (RapFix)

Back in April 2010, Jeezy said he would always have “Young” attached to his name.

Speaking of Young, he said he’s going to remain just that, refuting online reports that he dropped the first word of his moniker. “Nah. I’m ‘Young,’ man,” he declared. “I’mma stay Young till I ain’t Young no more. I don’t know why they trying to make me old. But this is ‘Young Jizzle from the bottom of the map.’ This is the name they gave me. I gotta rock till it’s over with.” Young said his album Thug Motivation 103 is now slated for July. Meanwhile, Jeezy’s Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary mixtape is coming soon. (MTV)

Check out Jeezy’s video:

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