Jeezy & Rick Ross Bury Their Feud, Reunite After Messy Name-Calling Beef [Video]

Jeezy & Rick Ross Bury Their Feud, Reunite After Messy Name-Calling Beef [Video]

Atlanta rapper Jeezy and Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross have put their differences behind them and hooked up for some unexpected new music.

While details are still coming together, Ricky Rozay announced a new Jeezy-featured “War Ready” track Friday (January 24).

Rick Ross has just shocked the hip-hop world with the announcement of his new single #WarReady, featuring Young Jeezy. Once bitter enemies, the two rap heavyweights have put their difference to the side and joined forces for the sake of rap. Instead of channeling their energy into a beef, Ross and Jeezy have stepped up as real bosses to show the world that there’s no positive outcomes from beef. (VIBE)

The “Snowman” also confirmed the new track by posting a link and promoting it on his Twitter page.

“Rozay x Jefe,” Jeezy tweeted January 24. (Jeezy’s Twitter)

A few years ago, Miami producer DJ Khaled put an end to the Ross/Jeezy rift reports.

“Well first of all, I don’t condone problems,” Khaled explained in an interview with radio host Bootleg Kev. “That’s what I do. I represent that love and making great music. And them two guys, they don’t have no problems. So, you know, I guess this is an exclusive, they don’t have problems. I guess people in the streets, they try to make things into a problem. But that’s just life. That’s when you know you’re hot and that’s just part of the game, man. Being in the game and being successful, you have to deal with things like that. But you know, they ain’t got not problems. It’s all love. I don’t know what to tell you. It’s all love.” (Bootleg Kev)

Ricky Rozay previously responded to footage of Jeezy taunting him in Miami.

“I actually got to see the footage of him walking on South Beach down Collins Ave and he played his self,” Ross told Tim Westwood. “You gotta come across the bridge to Carol City…to Little Haiti. That’s where you get your issues–Washington Ave. What’s crazy about that is when they ask about my name, they still don’t really have a direct answer. That ain’t gangster at all. If you really got an issue, put it on the table like a G. Walking down Collins Ave, you played yourself. You’ll get that took from you.” (BBC Radio)

The “Snowman” previously came forward to deny rumors suggesting his “Death Before Dishonor” 2010 track was a subliminal record aimed at Ross.

“It’s not a dis,” Jeezy said in an interview. “First of all, I’m not gonna get nothing out of dissing that guy. That’s one. What am I gonna get out of dissing him? I think sometimes people can read into things too deep. They trippin’, man. They crazy out there. Basically, if homie takes that as a dis, he’s insecure…Subliminals, for what? … What’s understood ain’t gotta be said. I didn’t think people would take the record like that. I did it like I would have any Shawty Lo record, any Rocko record, whoever. I got on [Ross’ beat] and did it like how I do it, the best way I know how. I don’t know if because the BMF situation is for real for me that everybody is like, ‘Ooh. Oh, sh–.’ Twitter is a muthaf—a, by the way.” (MTV)

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Check out the new song’s teaser:

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