Jeezy Goes Ghost, Sends Illuminati Message W/ “Seen It All” Cover Art?

Jeezy Goes Ghost, Sends Illuminati Message W/ “Seen It All” Cover Art?

Atlanta rapper Jeezy has decided to fall back off showcasing himself on his upcoming Seen It All cover art and chosen a more message-driven image.

The rap star’s new cover art surfaced online Friday (July 25).

Jeezy stirs up controversy with the cover for his fifth solo album Seen It All: The Autobiography. The Atlanta rapper took to Instagram to reveal the darkartwork, which features the Eye of Providence, which has become a symbol of the Illuminati. Due September 2, the follow-up to 2011?s TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition features the Jay Z-assisted title track as well as the Future-assisted “No Tears.” (Rap-Up)

Recently, Jeezy claimed Jay Z told him he shed a few tears when putting together the album’s title track.

According to Jeezy, coming up with the rhyme was no easy task for the Brooklyn MC who has spent his career making rap look so easy. “We got on the phone and [Jay] was like, ‘Yo, Jeezy, when I was writing the verse I had tears in my eyes, man,’ because it took him so far back to Marcy,” Snow told us. “Every bar in that song was real — I put my hand on the bible.” (MTV)

Producer Cardo recently claimed an e-mail mix-up ultimately had the track land in Jeezy’s hands.

“I never had Jeezy or Jay Z in mind for it; Big Sean was a person I pictured on it, and Travis Scott,” he said. “I sent to Jeezy by accident. I had two beats named under the same [name] in my folder for some reason and it got duplicated. I don’t know what happened; sometimes I’ll name the beat the same thing for some damn reason.” After receiving the beat in March 2013, Jeezy immediately hit up the budding hitmaker. “Jeezy sent me a crazy text message like, ‘This joint right here, oh my God. Oh, this is crazy,'” Cardo remembered. (MTV)

The duo’s new summer anthem premiered online in early July and showcased Jay shooting out subliminal lines.

“I was in the S-Class you was just in class /You know I was finna blow like a meth lab /Expanded the operation out in Maryland /Me and Emory Jones in the caravan /Took the show on the road out in VA” (“Seen It All”)

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