Jeezy Can’t Keep A Clean Rap Sheet, The “Snowman” Arrested In Georgia

Jeezy Can’t Keep A Clean Rap Sheet, The “Snowman” Arrested In Georgia

Weeks after making headlines for an arrest on assault charges, Atlanta rapper Jeezy has once again found himself in handcuffs Tuesday (January 21).

Details of the “Snowman’s” latest run-in with law enforcement have started to spread across the Internet.

Rapper Young Jeezy was just busted by cops outside Atlanta — and booked for obstructing police officers … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us Jeezy — aka Jay Wayne Jenkins — was arrested in Alpharetta … after cops responded to an alarm call at his girlfriend’s home … it’s unclear who or what triggered the alarm. When cops arrived on scene … we’re told Jeezy was uncooperative with officers, refusing to identify himself, and cussing them out. We’re told Jeezy told the officer who asked for his name and ID, “F**k you, I ain’t telling you” — and he attempted to pull away when cops were slapping the cuffs on him. (TMZ)

Recent reports specifically cited Jeezy’s ex-lover as the one responsible for pitting their son against him earlier this month.

Our Jeezy sources say Jadarius became belligerent and the two starting screaming at each other. Jeezy claims he never hit, choked, or dragged his son, but admits he shoved him to the ground when Jadarius got in his face. As for the terroristic threats — Jeezy is accused of telling Jadarius, “I will kill you … I will put a bullet in your head right now” — the rapper claims all he said was something to the effect of, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.” Our sources claim at the bottom of it all … Tenesha Dykes, whom they say is brainwashing the son against his dad and trying to squeeze every penny she can get from Jeezy. (TMZ)

Buzz behind his previous unexpected arrest scattered across the Internet in early January.

Young Jeezy has been looking poised for a fascinating new chapter of his career — that is, whenever Def Jam finally puts his next album out — but he’ll have to put an arrest behind him first. The gruff Atlanta rapper turned himself in to police on January 3 after a grand jury issued a warrant charging Jeezy in connection with a family dispute, according to TMZ. He was reportedly charged with battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats. (SPIN)

Despite the seriousness, the rapper’s legal team said it felt confident everything would be handled appropriately.

“We have no doubt this matter will resolve itself appropriately. At this moment, Mr. Jenkins is thankful for the support of his fans and the respect for his family’s privacy.” (Statement)

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