JBar On Soulja Boy Wearing Yung Berg’s Chain, “We Ain’t Robbed That Dude” [Audio]

JBar On Soulja Boy Wearing Yung Berg’s Chain, “We Ain’t Robbed That Dude” [Audio]

After the recent circulation of pictures showing Soulja Boy Tell Em wearing Yung Berg‘s iconic Transformers chain, SOHH spoke with the teenage rapper’s associate, JBar, to find out the real story.

According to JBar, Soulja Boy and his crew did not rob or steal Berg’s chain.

“We ain’t got no problems with Yung Berg,” Bar told SOHH. “We had got the chain up off of somebody else who had the chain. So we were just holding that sh*t. We just got it from somebody who had it so we were like, ‘Ah sh*t!,’ we didn’t want that sh*t floating around no more so we just holding on to it until he trying to get it back. Yeah [I know what it looks like,] I know people looked at it the wrong way but people were probably thinking ‘They weren’t thinking when posting them pictures’ but it wasn’t nothing like that though. We ain’t robbed that dude or nothing. Right, no beef no beef.” (SOHH)

Photos of Soulja Boy wearing the chain circulated online earlier this month.

@SouljaBoyTellEm flaunts his new jewelry which formerly belonged to rapper Yung Berg. Berg was assaulted back in August 2008 and his boisterous chain has been in the hands of others since. Sources say DeAndre purchased the chain from a twitter account holder. Ironically that chain has gone further than his carer ever has. (DDotomen)

Berg was allegedly robbed of his chain around August 2008.

According to various reports, Chicago bred rapper Yung Berg was reportedly robbed and assaulted in Detroit this past weekend. Berg was assaulted and robbed by a group of men at Plan B nightclub on Friday night (August 25) despite having security. (Hip Hop DX)

Aside from the chain, the rapper recently said he was not the victim of a California robbery earlier this week.

“No, I been in Las Vegas,” Berg, born Christian Ward, said flatly. “It’s crazy to me how one lie from one person when you in the limelight and got this type of shine, one lie could do these type of things. I wasn’t going to speak about it because it was lie — the unfortunate thing is I got a family [that worries]. So my mom start calling me, my dad start calling me, ‘Are you hurt? Something wrong with you?’ There’s nothing wrong with me — I’m pretty as a newborn baby.” (MTV)

Check out JBar speaking with SOHH about Yung Berg’s chain below:

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