JB Smoove Says Comedy Central “El Rey” Special Delivers Edgy Comics

JB Smoove Says Comedy Central “El Rey” Special Delivers Edgy Comics

With this weekend’s premiere of Russell Simmons‘ “Stand-Up at The El Rey” on Comedy Central, SOHH spoke with the show’s host JB Smoove to get the inside scoop of what fans can expect.

Although Comedy Central is known for pushing the bar on televised profanity, Smoove said the series will focus on “clean” humor.

“We wanted edgy but we wanted clean edgy,” Smoove told SOHH about bringing the comedy stand-up series to Comedy Central. “We wanted edgy but not vulgar and profanity, but you know, there’s certain things you can get away with but we didn’t take it to that extent. And that’s why the process of choosing the comics was so extensive, they really made sure to get a nice variety and all flavors and it’s kinda like choosing boxers for a boxing confrontation. The styles make the fight. And it’s really some cool styles going on and a wide range of comedians going on.” (SOHH)

The premise of the show will center on three stand-up comedians.

Smoove takes to the stage to host this stand-up series with a hip hop vibe. Smoove kicks off each episode, then introduces three comedians, each of whom brings a unique, fresh viewpoint to the stage. The debonair DJ Cassidy spins fresh, original tracks for the crowd in each episode as well. (Press Release)

Details on the first episode, set to air on Sunday, have been released online.

The series premiere of “Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at The El Rey” features Smoove warning of “raggedy a**” clubs, Tony Roberts on Danny Glover‘s female lookalike, Dante Nero on why he’d be a hit with Mesopotamian women and more. The second episode, airing immediately after the premiere, keeps it going with comedians Mike Vecchione, Calise Hawkins and JJ Williamson. This season also showcases comedians Kurt Metzger, Smokey Suarez, Fahim Anwar, Ray Lipowski, Felipe Esparza, Lil Rel and Rachel Feinstein. (Yahoo News)

Comedy Central Senior Vice President of Specials Elizabeth Porter recently shared her reaction to working with Simmons.

“We’ve been trying to get into business with Russell and Stan for a while now and this new stand-up series is an exciting first venture for us to partner with them,” she said. “As someone who was a huge fan of Def Comedy Jam, working alongside these two incredible visionaries on this series has been nothing short of amazing.” (Statement)

The show debuts with a special hour-long block of episodes on Sunday, July 11 at 11:00 p.m. on Comedy Central

Check out footage from the show below:

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