Jay-Z’s Tough Guy Cred Gets Rejected, “He’s Too Sweet Underneath”

Jay-Z’s Tough Guy Cred Gets Rejected, “He’s Too Sweet Underneath”

After rap mogul Jay-Z joked about sticking up Coldplay’s Chris Martin during his younger days, the rocker has responded back and questioned Hov’s toughness as a hustler.

In Martin’s eyes, he thinks a younger Jigga would not have had enough hustle to shake him down.

“He definitely wouldn’t have taken my sneakers because mine were always a lot too dirty for him,” Martin told XXL jokingly. “I don’t know. He wouldn’t have touched me then. He’s too sweet underneath. I don’t believe that from him.” “I never even thought I’d make it to America,” he continued. “So the chances of us meeting then are slim.” (XXL Mag)

Last year, Jay said despite his current friendship with Martin, the Coldplay rocker would not have been so welcomed in his old Brooklyn neighborhood years ago.

“He couldn’t walk through Marcy. I was a different person then. I wasn’t open to the world and to the cultures. I would have been, ‘Yo! Who are you? Give me your money.’ You couldn’t have a guy like Chris walking through Marcy. He’d have to get robbed. At best.” (The Daily Mirror)

In 2009, Jay’s former friend Gunna called out the rapper’s drug dealing days.

“Bubble lip Shawn,” he says in the video. “He went from Buble lip Shawn to Jigga to Jay-Z, d*mn you on Jaz d*ck…He was a worker, he wasn’t the dude…All the stuff you hearing on records, it’s not true…For all y’all that don’t know, homie wasn’t that big time, drug dealer, gangsta motherf*cker that he talk about on them records. Dude was getting smacked up, robbed out in the hood, he was getting robbed. One time, I was locked up, some comrades stripped him up. I got the news and told homie he had to give him his sh*t back…We the truth, just ask the streets.” (Hip Hop Beef)

Martin’s wife/actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently talked about wanting to link up with Jay for a musical collabo.

Gwyneth Paltrow already has her wish list collaborations for her music career, and a certain Brooklyn rapper tops that list. At the Oscars’ Red Carpet this evening (February 27th), the actress was asked who she dreams of working with in music. Her response?Jay-Z. “I think it would be a good combination,” Paltrow stated. “He is a genius.” Paltrow’s husband, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, has collaborated with Jay-Z on songs, “Beach Chair” from Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, as well as the unreleased song “Most Kingz” produced by Green Lantern. The two have performed together countless times and are rumored to be very close friends, with Paltrow as a buddy to Jay-Z as well. (RapFix)

Check out a recent Jay-Z interview below:

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