Jay-Z’s ‘Open Letter’ Sparks White House Reaction: “The President Did Not Communicate W/ Jay”

Jay-Z’s ‘Open Letter’ Sparks White House Reaction: “The President Did Not Communicate W/ Jay”

Rap mogul Jay-Z‘s new “Open Letter” record has ruffled the feathers of a few White House officials, prompting a response to one of Young Hov’s lyrics.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney provided media a swift answer to speculation of Jay having a chat with President Barack Obama about his controversial Cuba trip last week.

Rapper Jay-Z’s latest track is getting poor reviews from the White House. In the song, entitled “Open Letter,” Jay-Z brags that he “got White House clearance” for his recent controversial trip to Cuba with wife Beyonce. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today denied the White House had any involvement with their trip, saying the Treasury Department handles all clearances for travel to Cuba. “I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury,” Carney joked. In the song, Jay-Z also recounts a conversation he had with President Obama about his trip. “Obama said, ‘Chill, you, gonna get me impeached… We don’t need this s-t anyway, chill with me on the beach,” he raps in the nearly three-minute song. (ABC News)

The White House official also made sure to distance President Obama from the record.

Carney dismissed the claim. “It’s a song,” he said. “The president did not communicate with Jay-Z over this trip.” “I am absolutely saying that the White House, from the president on down, had nothing to do with anybody’s personal — anybody’s travel to Cuba. That is something that Treasury handles,” he said. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s trip to Havana was government-sanctioned and allowed through a licensed program that encourages “meaningful contacts” with Cubans. According to the new song, they “turned Havana into Atlanta” with “Guayabera shirts and bandanas,” Jay-Z raps. (ABC News)

On the record, Hovi raps about having a conversation with the president about the heat he has received since the trip to Havana.

“I done turned Havana to Atlanta,” Hov raps. “Every time you think they got me I switch the plan up/Bulletproof this, radio scanners/Ballin’ ’til they ban us/You gettin’ too much bread, they tryna’ jam you/Boy from the hood but got White House clearance/Sorry y’all, I don’t agree with y’all appearance/Politicians never did sh*t for me/Except lie to me, distort history/Wanna give me jail time and a fine/Fine, let me commit a real crime/I might buy a kilo for Chief Keef/Out of spite, I just might flood these streets/Hear the freedom in my speech/Got an onion from Universal, read it and weep/Could’ve bought the Nets to Brooklyn for free/Except I made millions off it, you f*ckin’ dweeb/I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seat/Y’all buy that bullsh*t, you’d better keep your receipt/Obama said chill, you gonna get me impeached/But you don’t need this sh*t anyway/Chill with me on the beach” (“Open Letter”)

A few days ago, Hollywood actress Stacey Dash took direct aim at the couple’s overseas vacation.

Stacey Dash may get a sting from the Beyhive after this. The actress, who has been very vocal about political issues since the last presidential elections, has now turned her focus to Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ© and their decision to spend their anniversary in Cuba. She’s not very happy about it and she doesn’t think you should be either. Dash tweeted, “Do you care that The Jay Z”s have taken the capital you have given them and funded a communist oppressive regime?” (Apparently, Hov and Bey’s conjoined name is “The Jay Zs.”) Judging by her followers’ responses, no, they don’t care. “I like you better when you were CLUELESS,” one fan wrote, while another said, “What. Ever.” (E! Online)

Check out “Open Letter”:

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