Jay-Z’s Not Into Playing The Game, “I Don’t Think Hov Is Gonna Respond”

Jay-Z’s Not Into Playing The Game, “I Don’t Think Hov Is Gonna Respond”

West Coast rapper Game recently opened up about his controversial, Jay-Z-targeted “Uncle Otis” record and admitted he does not expect Young Hov to pay him any mind.

Game said the rap mogul’s name often finds itself in his raps because of how easy it is to craft rhyme associations to it.

“‘Jay’ rhymes with a lot of words,” Game said in an interview. “So whenever you’re writing, it always pops in somehow or another. I shoot shots in the dark sometimes, but they ain’t to be taken personal…Certain people you know that ain’t gonna respond — I don’t think Hov is gonna respond, and if he does, it’ll be another shot in the dark subliminally or indirect, and I think that’s cool because Hov is a legend.” (MTV)

On “Uncle Otis,” Game goes after Jay’s neck and also warns Kanye West about working with him.

“Here’s a dome shot to this n*gga named Otis/ N*ggas think they the coldest, but n*gga you just the oldest/ N*ggas just be chasin’ their youth, but it’s gone/ Yo ‘Ye this n*gga ain’t even wanna put you on.” (“Uncle Otis”)

Last summer, coincidentally, Game credited producer/rapper Pharrell for encouraging him to lay off dissing Jay-Z on records.

“Pharrell man, Pharrell pulled me to the side and he was like, ‘There’s only one thing that can’t happen,’ he said, ‘you gotta stop those shots at Hov. Like, that’s my man and I talk to him and he really don’t understand your gripe with him, he don’t have no problems with you, and I think he respects what you do and I know for a fact that you respect what he does so, you know, nip that.’ And I was like, aight, that’s fair. All’s fair, that’s it.” (Power 105.1)

In 2009, Game dropped his anti-Jay record “I’m So Wavy” going at Hov.

“N*ggas pop tags, I pop the 4-5,” Game raps. “N*ggas got swag, I got the tech nine…Yeah, you got cheese and I kill rats/Translation, I still trap/Now do something with that, or respond to this/And with those big a** lips, you got my name in your mouth I hope it taste like uhhh, no homo, one more time/uhhh, that’s your promo/And I been hard to the core since I went solo/Only man on my horse like my all black polo…Got the camel in a choke hold/Tryin’ to son me, I’m not from N-Y-C/You can’t even have a child by your Destiny/And I ain’t mean to take a shot at B, I blacked out like you did Free.” (“I’m So Wavy”)

Check out “Uncle Otis” below:

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