Jay-Z’s Former Rap Nemesis Entangled In Speculated Hollywood Mansion Scam [Video]

Jay-Z’s Former Rap Nemesis Entangled In Speculated Hollywood Mansion Scam [Video]

Former Jay-Z rap nemesis and Def Jam artist Jayo Felony has made headlines over the past few days for being accused of occupying a Hollywood home without permission.

Details of Jayo’s legal run-in emerged online heading into the weekend.

Former Def Jam artist, Jayo Felony has been accused of squatting in a million dollar Hollywood Hills home. The rapper, born Jason Savage, was caught on camera by Fox affiliate KTTV’s cameras. A field reporter asked him about allegedly occupying the foreclosed property, and Jayo Felony angrily said he was renting the property from his friend’s father. Neighbors said they were intimidated and witnessed men break into the property after it was foreclosed. (Hip Hop Blog)

Despite the speculation, Jayo’s side claim they are staying at the property legally.

“We rented it from someone,” Jayo Felony’s live-in girlfriend explained to reporters. “We literally paid someone $5,000 cash to rent this place. His name is Benjamin White.” According to documents obtained by KTTV, The Bank of New York is suing the aforementioned White. The Bank has served White an eviction notice, which essentially makes him a squatter and makes both Jayo Felony and his girlfriend the victims of a scam. (Hip Hop DX)

Neighbors allege Jayo has been a nuisance since occupying the home.

Though the community members kept their identities secret, they talked on camera about the weed smoke, noise and loitering that take place in Jayo’s home. Mr. Felony claims he is renting the crib from his homeboy and his more level-headed girlfriend stated that Benjamin White is the man they paid $5,000 to live there. White’s name is on paperwork that says the bank owns the home. Jayo still plans to cop the house even if the neighbors don’t want him there. (Hip Hop Wired)

Outside of legal matters, Jayo’s past beef with Jay-Z runs all the way back to early 2001.

Former Def Jam records recording artist Jayo Felony and his new song, “True’d Up (The Crip Anthem),” aren’t only causing a commotion in the streets; they’ve made a stir in the boardrooms as well, according to the rapper. Jayo claims that serious politicking has taken place to strike the song — a shout-out to the Crips which also features several indirect Jay-Z disses — from the upcoming Henchmen Entertainment compilation, Bullet Proof Love, Vo1. 1. “Jay-Z snitched to [Def Jam head Lyor Cohen] and tried to keep the song from being put out,” Jayo said. “We got calls from Lyor and everybody about not putting this record out. I feel like this: If we’re on the streets, keep it on the streets. Don’t go to the higher-ups.” The Henchmen album is being distributed through Motown, a sister company to Def Jam in the Universal Music Group family tree. (MTV)

Check out Jayo Felony addressing the squatting speculation below:

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