Jay Z’s Former Bodyguard A.K.A “The Dutch Giant” Dead At 43 After Police Face-Off

Jay Z’s Former Bodyguard A.K.A “The Dutch Giant” Dead At 43 After Police Face-Off

Renowned celebrity bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek reportedly saw his life come to an end in bizarre fashion after being tasered by police this week in Miami.

Details of his horrific death surfaced online Thursday (September 5).

Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and countless other A-listers put their lives in the hands of a man known as “The Dutch Giant,” 6’5? celebrity bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek. But a terrifying incident on Monday night has shown just how vulnerable they were in his care and how they could have secretly invited a madmen into their midst: Naked and high on drugs, Oosterbroek went on a violent rampage inside his neighbor’s Miami mansion that ended with him killed by cops. Around 10:45 PM on Monday night, Oosterbroek broke into his neighbor’s property in Miami’s Pinecrest neighborhood while naked and carrying a white powdery substance. (RadarOnline)

Police and witnesses to Norman’s death have already spoken out.

“He did gain access to the home,” Detective Robin Pinkard of the Miami-Dade Police Department tells RadarOnline.com. “According to the victim [Christiane Jung], she heard a noise. When she walked outside of her bedroom, she observed him standing there unclothed.” Jung’s husband, Markus, quickly came to her aid and a verbal dispute ensued, “which escalated to a physical confrontation,” according to a police report obtained by RadarOnline.com. “During the confrontation, [Oosterbroek] was observed ingesting an unknown substance.” Mrs. Jung called police, who were unable to subdue the 6’5?, 280-lb. behemoth. “He was highly violent, uncontrollable, and unstable,” said police spokesperson Maj. Nancy Perez Officers tased him and he was transported to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead. (RadarOnline)

The late bodyguard is most known for his services being utilized by music stars like Jay Z and Lady Gaga.

Three years ago, at a Jay Z concert in Washington, D.C., a man dared to jump the stage and saunter toward the rapper. The unruly crasher was caught on video being grabbed by a well-dressed bodyguard, who tossed the intruder about 10 feet off stage, breaking both his legs. At about six-foot-five and weighing roughly 280 pounds, Norman Oosterbroek wasn’t just a bodyguard to Jay Z, Lady Gaga and some of the world’s most famous celebrities. He was a powerful force to be reckoned with. (Miami Herald)

Some reports claim Norman stood at nearly seven feet and weighed around 300 pounds.

Police believe Oosterbroek may have been under the influence of some kind of drug – autopsy and toxicology reports are still pending. NBC Miami confirms that Oosterbroek was a 6 ft.-10 in./300 lbs Dutch security expert who once worked for such celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna through the protection company RAD. (MStarz)

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