Jay-Z’s Cracks Open Over 30 Gems In “Decoded”

Jay-Z’s Cracks Open Over 30 Gems In “Decoded”

Grammy-winning rapper Jay-Z‘s upcoming Decoded book will feature the breakdown of songs from the hip-hop mogul’s collection dating back to 1996’s Reasonable Doubt.

Announced via his Roc4Life website, Jay’s debut book features analysis of over 30 tracks.

Ever since it was announced that Jay-Z would be releasing his memoir, Decoded, that would feature explanations for some of the most discussed songs from his decade-plus career, fans have been awaiting to find out which tracks he would choose. Well the speculation has come to a close today as roc4life.com released the selections Hova will be going in-depth about in his upcoming tome. (XXL Mag)

The full listing includes smash hits such as “Big Pimpin'”, “99 Problems” and “Blue Magic.”

Public Service Announcement American Dreamin’ Early This Morning Coming of Age Coming of Age (Da Sequel) D’Evils 99 Problems Ignorant Shit Most Kings Success Renegade Can I Live? Fallin’ Big Pimpin’ Streets Is Watching Operation Corporate Takeover Moment of Clarity Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise) My 1st Song Young Gifted and Black Hell Yeah (Pimp The System) Beware (Jay-Z Remix) Blue Magic This Life Forever Meet The Parents Where I’m From Minority Report Dynasty (Intro) My President Is Black Regrets This Can’t Be Life Soon You’ll Understand Beach Chair Lucifer December 4th History (Decoded)

Recently, Jay explained the back story to his 2003 song “Public Service Announcement.”

Jay said he personally chose each of the songs featured in “Decoded” for several reasons, and “PSA” made the tome because of its unique origin. Bars from the second verse of the Just Blaze-helmed track were penned after a journalist interpreted the symbolism she picked out in one of Jay’s outfits. However, Hov thought the scribe’s analysis of his look was a bit of a reach. (2 Dope Boyz)

In particular, Jay explained the misread complexities in his appearance.

“The second verse of ‘PSA’ may not have that many hidden jewels in [it], but the story behind why I wrote the second verse is pretty interesting. It’s sort of that look on rap, how this writer had written this article about me wearing this Che Guevara shirt [with a] Jesus piece, and she was like, ‘The Jesus piece is hitting his head,’ and I was like, ‘You’re going a little too far. It’s a T-shirt and a chain. It’s not literally hitting his forehead,’ ” he recalled. “That [experience] inspired the entire verse. ‘I’m like Che Guevara with bling on, I’m complex.’ It’s the whole entire story of how and why I came to write that second verse on ‘PSA.'” (MTV)

Jay-Z’s Decoded is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, November 16th.

Check out Jay-Z breaking down his “Most Kingz” record below:

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